TITLE: Software Engineer (Data Science) (CB Information Services, Inc. d.b.a. CB Insights – New York, NY)

DUTIES: Design, write, and maintain software to solve business problems. Understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements. Leverage knowledge of the various software languages and technologies used at CB Insights. Participate in work planning meetings and design discussions, write software and code to test it, participate in code reviews, fix software defects, and assist other engineers. Write high-quality, maintainable code in accordance with industry and CB Insights best practices. Develop domain expertise on software and systems. Perform Trending Topic Analysis based on private company news data using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing skills. Build predictive model to identify the emerging news topic with large scale of data. Build Noun Phrase Extractor to extract the keywords of text content in parallel. Build Name Entity Extractor to extract the geographic, person, and organization information from text data in parallel. Predict the accurate publish date of press article using extracted date format text from title, content and html field. Develop algorithms to understand the concept of short sentence or search term using semantic analysis and probabilistic taxonomy for text understanding. Build News Category Classification with python and Spark to tag press articles into target categorical classes in order to reduce the irrelevant news processing for Data Team and to identify useful news articles for Topic Modeling. Build backend models for top search engine of recommended companies or investors. Enable URL sharing functionality using AWS CloudSearch and DynamoDB data queue. Develop news recommendation backend API for common search term based on its relevancy and time sensitivity to the search action conducted onsite. Write customer sector mapping API to divide customer into different sectors/groups, to become the base of personalized recommendation.

REQTS:  Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Statistics, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Food and Business Economics, or a related field plus one (1) year of experience in the job offered, as a Data Analyst, or a related position. Must have one (1) year of experience with: mathematics, statistics, or data analysis; programming; reading and writing source code; source version control systems; analyzing software and business problems; analyzing and manipulating data sets; writing code to achieve data set manipulation; programming languages including Python, Spark, R, and Golang; databases including MySQL, Redshift, and DynamoDB; machine learning; data visualization; research and development; developing predictive models; text retrieval and search engine; language modeling; information extraction; and parallel computing.

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