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While working at American Express, the founders of CB Insights, Anand Sanwal and Jonathan Sherry, experienced firsthand the torture of understanding startup private companies and emerging industries.

Forced to rely on data products that had a user experience reminiscent of 1985, manual Google searches or neophyte MBA consultant types, Anand and Jon knew that private companies and the industries they create and the incumbents they help destroy could be understood in a much better way.

So in 2010, they launched CB Insights to use data, algorithms and predictive analytics to help customers answer questions about “what’s next?”

  • What company is our next customer? Investment? Acquisition?

  • What’s the next big industry we should position ourselves in?

  • What are our competitors up to and what is likely their next move?

Since launching, CB Insights has become the most trusted and loved source to answers these questions by both the media and leading customers globally. Hundreds of clients ranging from NEA to Cisco to Salesforce to Castrol to Comcast rely on CB Insights to help them answer these questions.

CB Insights is based in NYC, is revenue-funded with an amazing talented team and growing like a weed.

Sign up for a trial of our platform or reach out via phone (212-292-3148) or email (info@cbinsights.com) if any questions.

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