Once upon a time in a land far, far away (Israel, to be exact) a team of PhD students, led by two guys with serious machine learning chops developed technology with the ability to quickly identify broken processes.

One of the earliest business users was a large dairy producer in Europe. Using simple, everyday data they were able to identify which cows, out of a herd of thousands, was about to get sick.

Now CB4 is being used to help brick and mortar retailers identify what are essentially "sick" stores in their chain, just by analyzing the simple sales data that every retailer already collects.

Did you know?

In 2016:

Online sales totaled $400 Billion

Offline sales were $5 Trillion

Just saying….

The potential impact of what CB4 does is huge. Sequoia Capital, one of the top VCs in the world, agrees and is an early investor and mentor to our team. A number of large retailers have recently partnered with CB4. These companies spend a lot of money on technology but saw something unique in what we do. The company is on an exciting trajectory heading towards our next capital raise

What will you be doing?

As an SDR, you will be performing a critical function by connecting with C-suite executives, VPs and Directors at major retailers.

Every major deal closed by the CB4 team started with an SDR being able to reach an executive and spark her interest.

You'll be cold calling, emailing, reaching out via LinkedIn, going to conferences, and using your smarts and creativity to reach our ideal customer profile. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, then this is your jam.

We are constantly looking to improve the way we connect and communicate aka our Outbound Strategy. If you have ideas, this is an environment where you can freely express and test them.

Given that this is a startup, this is an environment where you'll get the chance to wear many hats and be challenged to contribute in areas outside of your day to day duties.

Examples of things SDRs at CB4 do:

  • Sit in on meetings with senior leadership where overall sales strategy is discussed
  • Help the Head of Marketing brainstorm the name of our newest product
  • Take a meeting with an account executive of a company trying to pitch their sales software to CB4
  • Test drive the latest release of our mobile app and give feedback to our Head of Product

You will regularly interact with our CEO and the heads of Product, Customer Success, and Marketing. Given that this is a rapidly growing company, we fully expect that you can and will contribute to other areas of the business. We fully encourage and support our team members in learning new skills and growing as they advance their careers.

What will you be learning about?

Primarily you'll find yourself getting super comfortable interacting with senior level executives, challenging their views and hopefully educating them on how machine learning/artificial intelligence can be applied in retail.

Teams do not operate in a silo here. If you’re curious about what the Customer Success, Marketing, or Product teams are doing you'll be exposed to that. You're more than welcome to ask questions.

Critically, you'll be learning about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and how they impact today's business world.

Where could this lead?

You will eventually lead and close enterprise level SAAS deals. One of the first SDRs hired here just two years ago is now leading negotiations and closing deals with Fortune 500 companies.

Other SDRs have gone on to contribute to different teams within the company. Once we know who you are and how hard you work, there are no limits to where you can go.

As we continue to grow, nothing would delight us more than seeing the SDRs of today become the rainmakers, team leaders, directors and VPs of tomorrow.

What's the culture like?

You spend more time with your coworkers than you do almost anyone else in your life. It's important that you enjoy coming into work. Certainly, it shouldn't suck.

Everyone here is chill. We work hard and enjoy hanging with each other. Nerds are cherished. So far, we've been fortunate enough to have preserved that atmosphere even as our team has doubled and tripled. There's probably a more eloquent way to say this.

Also here: everything you would expect from a startup (casual dress code, flexible hours, hard work, rapid growth, occasional chaos, random Elton John sing a longs, beer on tap, snack for days, etc).

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree is required.

COMPENSATION: Base salary, target bonus, equity position (and benefits) that will be both comprehensive and competitive. Unlimited hummus (seriously).

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