Cazoo was founded in 2018 to transform the way people buy used cars 

We believe everyone deserves to feel total confidence when buying a car. That’s why we’re building a new service which is simple, transparent and doesn’t end when you buy the car. Our vision is to deliver the UK’s best car buying experience by putting the customer first and making it no different from buying any other product online today.

Our team has an incredible track record of building successful consumer platforms, our model has been proven in other geographic locations, and the huge used car market in the UK is ready for a new approach. We want to deliver a trusted brand, frictionless service, and convenient platform for our customers that becomes the go-to destination for all used car purchases in the UK and Europe. 

Job Summary

The Platform team runs our underlying infrastructural services, they work closely with our engineers to advocate a DevOps mindset, and provide the tools required to continuously deploy and observe systems in production. They are instrumental in ensuring our site can handle the volumes and spikes in traffic associated with being a high-profile brand.

The key areas of focus are cloud architecture, security, PaaS and IaaS, developer experienceand ultimately providing the platform that engineers can build up. We're enabling teams to improve their logs and metrics, using Honeycomb and ELK, so we can watch our production systems in real time and make upgrades as and when required. We want our engineers to deploy to production multiple times a day; this means consistently improving our CD pipelines, including automated governance and security.

We run a very modern Platform built on Serverless AWS and make use of many of their services (CloudTrail, Config, IAM Access Analyzer, GuardDuty, Detective, Security Hub, Inspector, Macie). On top of this we work with Typescript, Terraform, Honeycomb, ELK and much more - all of which you will get to learn and work with! 

We value and encourage the use of TDD, Paired Programming and collaborative modelling. Teams are supported by agile delivery and quality coaches to enable them to master world class practices through understanding the principles that lie behind them.

What you’ll be doing

Day-to-day, you will be building out a fully Serverless infrastructure, working with Infrastructure as Code, typically using Terraform. As well as automation, you will be responsible for managing applications in TypeScript and AWS Lambda that govern, manage, and deploy applications in production. Our goal is to build a high-performance technology team with no full-time ops team.
Our senior engineers are the leaders and go to people for the more junior engineers in our team. You will be mentoring the team and showing general leadership. Not every problem is the same and being able to make good decisions when it comes to trade-offs, based on aspecific situation is part and parcel of the job.
Outside of your core function, we expect you to also explore new tools and tech that could be introduced to help with our automation goals going forward. As a fast-growing start-up, you will be uniquely capable of having a direct hand in the company’s tech stack and solutions, without legacy technologies slowing you down.

Key skills and experience required:

  • Strong understanding of AWS, and a wide range of its services, including IAM, networking and messaging services (e.g., SQS, SNS), as well as Lambda functions.
  • Excellent understanding of monitoring and logging solutions (we use ELK and Honeycomb) 
  • Proven ability to provide and support strong and scalable CI/CD pipeline
  • Comfortable with defining Infrastructure as Code, using Terraform, Ansible or Cloudformation
  • An awareness and understanding of TDD
  • Knowledgeable and comfortable with Agile development practices

And last but certainly not least – someone with a sizeable appetite for learning and self-development, who prides themselves on being a valued member of the team!

What you’ll get from us:

Joining a startup at its birth is a rare opportunity, giving you the chance to work with the latest practices and technologies with no legacy code at all to slow you down. That includes AWS Lambda, continuous deployment, and Typescript.

We provide a competitive salary, free breakfast, soft drinks and fruit in our friendly office which also has a number of great facilities.

Interview Process

We understand that your time is in demand and as such keep our interview process as quick and painless as possible, outlining all timeframes in advance for you to plan around.

Following an initial screening with our Talent Acquisition team, the interview will be conducted over 3 stages, each being a remote video call using Google Meet:

  • An IaC paired programming assessment (90 minutes)
  • Technical Knowledge, Q&A (60 mins)
  • Culture and Values interview (60 mins)

Following this, we will give you a decision – and hopefully an offer – normally within 24 hours.

We are committed to ensuring accessibility in our interviews. From a physical disability standpoint, we have ensured our office is accessible but please do let us know if you have any issues or requests.

Similarly, we want to ensure neurodiverse candidates feel confident and comfortable with our interview process but appreciate there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to this. As such, please do let us know if you need any changes made to the interview process to accommodate yourself well.

All interviewers have had formal interview training, as well as training around unconscious bias.

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