Product Delivery Manager


As a member of the Product Engineering team (ProdEng), you will be central to coordinating delivery and fixing or removing obstacles across multiple ProdEng teams in support of the delivery of major initiatives. Your mission is to work with teams to remove impediments and help them to deliver these major initiatives as soon as possible.


At Cazoo we believe in autonomous empowered ProdEng Teams. The Product Delivery Manager role acts as a key partner with Product Managers (who lead discovery and ensure we’re building the right thing for our customers) and Engineering Managers (who are responsible for the effectiveness of our engineering teams). Product Delivery Managers are central to facilitating the smooth and fast delivery of initiatives that span many ProdEng teams. 


This role will help ensure ProdEng teams are on track with their part of the initiative. Unlike a traditional project management role, this role is about helping and fixing issues, and removing impediments as they arise.


This role needs the mindset of someone who is prepared to work closely with teams and help them solve problems (as opposed to simply calling out the issues); it is not a box-ticking administrative role - it is fundamental to unblocking issues and optimising delivery.


Ultimately, the Product Delivery Manager role is about helping the Prod-Eng teams deliver major initiatives sooner - not by cracking the whip but by removing obstacles that get in the way. These obstacles can be many and varied, so the Product Delivery Manager needs to be flexible and open-minded to get involved in whatever issues arise.

Key responsibilities

  • Work closely with Product & Engineering leadership to:
    • Ensure the goals of the initiative are understood by the teams
    • Build a plan to deliver the goals
    • Identify and manage dependencies across multiple Prod-Eng teams
    • Identify and align on broader company dependencies.
  • Provide regular updates on progress across the entire initiative.
  • Maintain key initiative artefacts such as risk & issue logs, plans and forecasts.
  • Quickly understand impediments and flag them.
  • Help teams to resolve impediments as quickly as possible.
  • ...and escalate to appropriate people in a timely manner.


Required skills & experience

  • Proven experience facilitating complex multi-team software product delivery through fixing and removing impediments (not just reporting on them).
  • Demonstrable experience applying Agile values, principles and practices with teams.
  • Highly organised and disciplined approach to work.
  • The ability to make difficult trade-off decisions, to know when to be pragmatic and when to stick to your guns.
  • Excellent stakeholder management and facilitation skills.
  • Highly collaborative and able to quickly form trusted working relationships.
  • Excellent communication skills - you can clearly and succinctly communicate a plan and the key action points.
  • A willingness to do whatever it takes to help and work with teams (and not against them) to unblock them.
  • Outcome focused. The result matters more to you than the process.

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