Cazoo was founded in 2018 to transform the way people buy used cars 

We believe everyone deserves to feel total confidence when buying a car. That’s why we’re building a new service which is simple, transparent and doesn’t end when you buy the car. Our vision is to deliver the UK’s best car buying experience by putting the customer first and making it no different from buying any other product online today.

We are backed by leading investors and led by an experienced management team including Founder and CEO, Alex Chesterman OBE.

Job Summary

Our Platform Engineering teams are responsible for building the tools that our engineers need, to ensure they can deliver quickly and with ease. Our Platform engineering function consists of three teams: Cloud Engineering, Developer Experience and Web Platform. The teams are responsible for running our underlying infrastructural services, they work closely with our engineers to advocate a DevOps mindset, and provide the tools required to continuously deploy and observe systems in production. Our platform teams are instrumental in ensuring our site can handle the volumes and spikes in traffic associated with being a high-profile brand.

Our Web Platform team’s focus is on optimizing and improving the performance of our core web application so that our customers have a low latency and secure web experience. As a Web Platform Engineer you will join the team which owns all edge computing functionality. The remit of the team is wide ranging and will involve improving web performance, routing and caching, authentication mechanisms at the edge and software architecture. 

A portion of your work will be focused on improving web application performance but your role will also involve working with the core Platform teams. You will be supporting the team build-out a fully serverless infrastructure, working with Infrastructure as Code, typically Terraform. You will also be working with Node.js and TypeScript as well as AWS Lambda that govern, manage, and deploy applications in production. Our goal is to build a high-performing technology team with no full-time ops team.

Experience working with and leveraging CDNs (such as Cloudflare, CloudFront, Fastly) and demonstrating an interest in edge computing will be a bonus. It would be great if you have strong grounding in security and experience working with engineering teams to instill a DevSecOps mindset. An added plus would be if you previously have been involved in implementing or improving the web performance analytics.                                                   

What we need from you

  • You will be a Platform and/or Software Engineer who has been involved in developing or optimising web applications, with a strong knowledge of web architecture.
  • You have contributed to the build of a commercial application using any object-oriented language (such as TypeScript, Java, Python or C#). Our current tech stack is TypeScript, Node.js and React.js, you will need to demonstrate an interest in working with these technologies.
  • You have a strong understanding of AWS, and experience with using a wide range of services, including API Gateway, IAM, Cognito as well as Lambda functions.
  • As part of the role you will be improving and building tools for our infrastructure, you must have experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and related tooling, such as Terraform, Ansible, or CloudFormation.
  • ​​Most companies talk about doing TDD; we do it. While we do not expect you to already be an expert in TDD you must be able to talk about the benefits of using it.
  • We need leaders within the team, and we’ll be looking for you to provide examples of times that you’ve coached/mentored others and helped drive decision making.

What you'll get from us

  • You will be given autonomy to push forward a fully serverless DevOps culture, using the latest technologies, including AWS, Honeycomb, Terraform, Typescript and Node.js.
  • Given that the Web Platform team is relatively new, small and nimble, you will have the remit and opportunity to influence the direction of the team. 
  • We will support your learning and development by planning this with you side-by-side – giving you on-the-job training as well as the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and so on.               
  • Given the growth we expect to see over the next few years there will undoubtedly be opportunities to progress your career and take on leadership responsibility. There will be multiple career paths available into Principal, or Manager, roles in the future.
  • You will be joining a growing, self-organising team, and will have the freedom to decide the most efficient way to work together and get the job done.                                                          
  • At Cazoo, you will be an integral part of a team creating a highly visible and tangible product that’s seeking to change and replace a painful process that almost everyone must contend with at some point in their life. 

Interview Process

We understand that your time is in demand and as such keep our interview process as quick and painless as possible, outlining all timeframes in advance for you to plan around.

Following an initial screening with our Talent Acquisition team, the interview will be conducted over 3 stages, each being a remote video call using Google Meet:

  • An IaC paired programming assessment (90 minutes)
  • Technical Knowledge, Q&A (60 mins)
  • Culture and Values interview (60 mins)

Following this, we will give you a decision – and hopefully an offer – normally within 24 hours.

We are committed to ensuring accessibility in our interviews. From a physical disability standpoint, we have ensured our office is accessible but please do let us know if you have any issues or requests.

Similarly, we want to ensure neurodiverse candidates feel confident and comfortable with our interview process but appreciate there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to this. As such, please do let us know if you need any changes made to the interview process to accommodate yourself well.

All interviewers have had formal interview training, as well as training around unconscious bias.

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