We help people take control of their digital wealth.

Casa was founded to help people own, secure, and manage their private keys safely and easily – without worry if they’re doing it right. We help people secure their digital wealth with more than one private key. That means making a single mistake doesn’t result in lost funds. We’re excited to be the first company to provide a simple, secure way to store both BTC and ETH using multisig in one product.

Casa members can choose from a range of security levels — from a simple mobile wallet to a high-security vault.

As time goes on, the use of private keys will become more widespread. We envision a future where private keys will secure everything important to us: money, identity, communications, and personal data. We are excited to continue our journey toward a world where people can take back control of their money, savings, and digital lives, and we appreciate all of the Casa members, teammates, and supporters who continue to make our work possible.

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