At Carvana, we sell cars, but we’re not salespeople. Since 2013, we’ve been making it our mission to change the way people buy cars. We saw a huge problem with how much it can suck to buy a car the traditional way, so we committed ourselves to tackling one of the largest, yet-to-be-disrupted markets in the world – the $1T per year U.S. car market (yes, that’s $Trillion with a “T”).

With the ability to search thousands of vehicles from our expansive inventory, to high-resolution 360° photographs of our vehicles’ interior and exterior, to real-time financing and the ability to complete contracts without visiting the back room of a dealership, we provide a seamless, online car buying experience for consumers that can be completed from their desktop or mobile device. All our vehicles are inspected and reconditioned based on our 150-point certification checklist and come with a 7-day return policy. We also operate our own logistics network to deliver cars to customers as soon as the next day, as well as offer customer pick-up at our state-of-the-art Car Vending Machine locations (yes, you read that right). By putting customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we’ve built a no-pressure, no-haggle online car buying experience that our customers time and money.

For more information on Carvana and our mission, sneak a peek at our company introduction video!

Carvana Summer Internship Experience:

Ready to take your prospective new career for a spin?  By joining the Carvana Internship Experience, you can expect to be part of a program that will have you both playing a vital role in a cross-functional department project, as well as receiving a holistic view of Carvana and our dynamic start-up culture.

As a Carvana Intern, you won’t be sent on coffee runs, but you will be expected to enjoy all the free cold brew coffee you can drink and participate in company-wide Pickleball tournaments. You will work alongside team members across multiple Carvana divisions, including, People Operations, Accounting, Tech Services, Logistics and Finance.

For this paid, full-time summer internship spanning ten weeks, we are dedicated to investing in your professional development and are seeking eager candidates who are ready to roll up their sleeves and help us deliver on our motto to provide a better way to buy a car! 


We are looking for a Data Engineer Intern to support our data science and predictive modeling team. The successful candidate will work with our data science and business intelligence teams to seek out, consume and productionalize new data, both structured and unstructured. Additionally, you will be responsible for designing and maintaining the predictive modeling data pipeline from data acquisition and facilitation of model building to production scoring and model maintenance.  The candidate will thrive in a fast-paced, challenging environment and be comfortable using myriad tools such as Spark, MS SQL, Python, R, etc. as necessary to get the job done. You will have an insatiable curiosity and drive to learn and implement new technologies, programming languages and database systems to help ensure you and our Data Scientists are maximizing business impact.

As a Data Engineer Intern in Data Science you can expect to…

  • Work with data scientists to support model building, scoring, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Identify, collect, store, process and analyze data using various storage engines (MS SQL Server, Spark, etc.)
  • Design how data is stored, consumed, integrated, and managed
  • Be focused on choosing optimal solutions to use for those purposes, and then implement, maintain, and administer them
  • Design large relational data sets from unstructured data
  • Create data flows to automate the use of algorithms created by our data scientists
  • Plan, design, and optimize data processes and structures for throughput and query performance
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data sets before they are presented to end users
  • Create ETLs to integrate data between different systems and formats using tools like python, SQL Server Data Tools, etc.
  • Design processes that contain sensitive data in a responsible manner (using certificates, hashing, AD permissions), ensuring that necessary security practices are followed
  • Have the ability to read beyond the initial specs of a project to determine if there is additional functionality that should be added
  • Use basic statistical and visualization techniques to analyze the resulting data sets of your processes
  • Learn and stay abreast of new technologies that can improve the efficacy of the analytics and data science teams


  • Currently be a rising Junior or Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited university.
  • Have a  GPA that is proof of your solid work ethic (GPA of 3.5 or above required).
  • Have a team player mentality. We want someone who understands team dynamic and values teamwork.
  • Exposure working in SQL and Python, or a similar language that will easily transfer to Python such as Java or C++
  • Some understanding of a cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, or similar
  • Background with CI/CD pipelines tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps (VSTS), or similar
  • You have knowledge of ETL processing – data manipulation, database structure, and data management.
  • You follow software engineering best practices using tools such as unit testing and git
  • You are a self-starter with the ability to lead and build trust quickly
  • You have strong diagnostic and analytical skills, along with the ability to breakdown complex, cross-functional business problems
  • Have a deep love for data, an analytical brain, and some serious technical aptitude
  • You are fearless of being un-knowledgeable about a particular subject area/technology; you yearn to learn and ask questions, with a strong desire to grow through challenging work and new technologies


  • Full-Time Hourly Position for the course of the 10 week program
  • Access to opportunities to expand your skill set and share your knowledge with others across the organization
  • Awesome company culture
  • Perks like unlimited snacks and iced coffee on tap


Carvana is an equal opportunity employer.

Carvana complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. If hired, all employees are required to follow and abide by all company policies, procedures, and practices.

The duties and responsibilities identified herein are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned to the employee from time to time.

Must be legally authorized to work for Carvana in the United States.

Hiring, following a conditional offer of employment, is contingent upon passing a complete background check.

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