Flex Advocate Job Description

The Flex Advocate position or “Flex-A” is an Advocate’s Advocate! Both literally and metaphorically the role was created to make HUBs better, make Advocates better, and serve as the troubleshooter, trainer, and support role for all things Market Ops! We want ambition, drive and a passion for efficiency. Whether you’re lending a hand in your home market or you’re deployed to a Hub in need, we need you to exemplify all things Carvana.

Flex Advocate candidates must be nimble and able to work on their feet in any situation and in any market where needed. Travel is required and is estimated at 75% of your total time. What we’re saying is don’t give up your lease just yet, but get ready to rack up those travel miles! If the XA team is like the Special Forces of Carvana, Flex-As are like the Army Rangers. They’re the shock troops. They’re deployed in a moment’s notice anywhere there’s a need. They may not be there long, but they’re expected to make a killer impression and to leave everyone wondering who the person was wearing that cape and mask!


Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to all of the expectations of a Senior Advocate, you will also be expected to...

Serve your Territory - A large part of the role is being the best advocate a market has ever seen, but you are also an extension of the TM that you represent and can play roles in the training and development of advocates, the organization and efficiency of the HUB or any number of projects as directed.

Be a Champion of Change - Attitude, Attitude, Attitude. It has to be good. It has to be positive. Drink the Kool-Aid, Serve the Kool-Aid, Be the Kool-Aid!! You are a Brand Ambassador. Change bad habits, be the cure for mediocrity, set the example and work with your TM to make your territory great.

Set the Example - As an extension of your TM, you will be given responsibilities far beyond those of your peers and will be attuned to plans and inner workings within Market Ops that you will be expected to treat with the utmost discretion. You will be expected to conduct yourself with the highest possible level of integrity and to earn the respect of those you serve with. And, while doing all of that, we expect you to have a lot of fun and to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to you through the role.

Keep Growing and Keep Being You - Your previous experience and performance with Carvana is a huge part of your selection for the role! You will be leaned upon for advice and feedback on emerging issues and concerns and as such, you will be expected to candidly express your observations, as well as your opinions. You will be expected to facilitate the flow of communications in all directions and to keep your finger on the pulse of the HUBs that you serve.



Have an enviable level of integrity.  Have a heightened attention to detail and be incredibly organized.  Be passionate and adept at learning new things.  Be a self–starter and successful in autonomous environments. Sometimes you’ll run a market so a solo performer can have a much needed day off. Sometimes you will be with a huge team. You will have to thrive in both.  Have a proven track-record and a top notch Carvana attitude!  You will have to be efficient at working in “travel environments.” This means emailing from a hot cramped airplane seat, getting incredibly comfortable with hotel desks, and being on conference calls while going through airport security. But hey, you will be a jet-setting business traveler with a motivated supportive team spread throughout the country!



Travel: Over 75%, mainly regionally, sometimes on short notice. If you are passionate about spreading Carvana culture, feel as though flexibility is one of your biggest strengths, then we encourage any internal employee to talk to your manager about the opportunity. This role is only available to Advocates that have served as a CA2 for at least 6 months.  Some exceptions may be discussed by upper management if there is a business need. This role is a salaried position and will report to the Territory Manager or Senior Flex Advocate.

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