Inspiring billions on Planet Earth to start selling successfully and consuming consciously is what drives us at Carousell. Product team is leading this by defining the next-generation of classifieds product vision and working hard to build the best place for anyone to sell online.

We are responsible for the User Experience, and it is much more than an app. It starts when you hear from a friend about a great experience she had at Carousell, and it ends when you are the one who is passionately telling inspiring stories to others. Constantly re-inventing and improving this cycle is everyday job for everyone in the team.

We believe buying from another person can be a real alternative to e-commerce, in the same way as staying at someone else’s home is to a hotel, or ride sharing is to a taxi. There are multiple gaps to be bridged, and we start from Payments and Shipping. Integrating these services inside Carousell app enables our buyers to make purchases seamlessly, and allows everyday person to become a seller and provide a level of service that previously was only accessible to professional merchants – with minimal effort. In the end, we connect even more buyers and sellers who are now often separated by distance.


  • Owning Convenience area, starting with Payments and Shipping services and required partnerships with partners, in all Carousell markets and KPIs associated with it
  • Developing and maintaining Convenience long-term vision and strategy to achieve it
  • Combining usage data, market and user research, and industry best practises to understand Convenience area and identify monetizable user problems and breakthrough opportunities
  • Transforming problems and opportunities into validated solutions leveraging all possible consumer touch points, such as our Mobile apps and Website, Email and Push Notifications, Customer Experience and Marketplace Operations, and other possible means
  • Prioritising and leading the delivery of validated solutions while working with peer Product Engineering Scrum team and other important parts of the company
  • Measuring the results of changes introduced, deciding and communicating on success or failure, identifying key learnings and integrating them in overall understanding of the owned Convenience area


  • 5+ years of experience in Product Management, Product Engineering/Research, and/or Product Design
  • Extensive knowledge of e-commerce and/or peer-to-peer payments and logistics, with experience in building partnerships with the service providers in these areas
  • Leadership skills – you are able to come up with a vision and execute it while leading people who you usually have no authority over
  • Analytical skills to understand Usage Data – you are able to ask the right questions and use tools available to answer at least some of them
  • Understanding of User Research role and process – knowing what it can do and what it can’t and being able to facilitate the elements of the process when needed
  • Obsession in learning how things work – we don’t expect you to be an engineer, but we love the super-users
  • Passion for the industry of consumer internet products – you are a go-to person in figuring out why all the teens are using this and that
  • Familiarity with Agile development process and Rapid product development techniques, such as Design sprints, Story mapping and others
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