Carousell is one of the world's largest and fastest growing mobile classifieds apps with a mission to inspire every person in the world to start selling and buying to make more possible for one another.

Since our launch in Aug 2012, we've expanded into 7 countries, 19 major cities with over 250 million listings. As a team of passionate individuals working together to solve meaningful problems, there is so much more for you to discover in a career with Carousell.

Here at Carousell, the systems engineering team works on a variety problem domains. The challenges range from designing scalable systems for a huge and critical user base, making best use of various infrastructure automation technologies to troubleshooting intricate performance and scale issues.

You Will:

  • Design and build core infrastructure components that power Carousell. This includes all layers of the stack: routing, services, storage etc.
  • Automate all aspects of infrastructure deployment to ensure fast, error free and repeatable deployments.
  • Design and deploy best in class monitoring and alerting systems to ensure easy troubleshooting when needed.
  • Optimize performance of various components, including application code, databases, key-value stores, indexing engines etc.
  • Ensure high availability of the Carousell infrastructure.
  • Set high standards for engineering throughout the company and mentor junior engineers.

You Have:

  • Strong experience in building scalable systems. Experience with microservices and exposure to highly available web scale systems is a must.
  • Knowledge of modern tech stacks. Strong, hands on programming skills: either in Go or Java.
  • Strong knowledge of storage technologies, including databases (Postgres), key value stores (Cassandra etc), caching systems (Redis) and search engines (Elasticsearch).
  • Experience of working in cloud environment.
  • Strong knowledge of distributed systems. Should be able to reason for data consistency and availability.
  • Strong general Computer engineering fundamentals (OS, networking, data storage).
  • Demonstrated ability to work smoothly in teams and with equally strong peers.
  • Good communication: both verbal and written.
  • At least 5 years of experience as a software engineer with relevant experience working in systems engineering.

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