Must be able to work with design engineers to help support design verification, testing, failure analysis, and debug of a variety of different designs. The successful candidate must be able to read, interpret, and understand schematics. A solid understanding of RF and radio systems is necessary. Must be able to operate lab equipment, such as signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, and o’scopes. Must be able to understand board manufacturing processes along with typical failure modes –e.g., cold solder joints, “tombstoning.” Finally, the candidate should have a high level of ownership and be able to work well with various other stakeholders, like quality assurance, operations, and system integration.

Required Skills:

Operation of signal analyzers, o’scopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers.

Solid understanding of RF concepts.

Solid understanding of radio systems.

Reading and interpreting schematics.

Analysis and debugging of various types of circuits.

Write analysis reports for management as necessary.


Ability to do board rework is a plus, but not a requirement.



ASEE or better. Or the candidate has some other form of technical certification (such as through the military).

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