About us

  • We are a VC funded HR-tech startup and spin-off company from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen
  • Our mission is to inspire remarkable careers through authentic connections
  • Our product careerlunch.com sets up informal meetings between top talents and top employers
  • Our customers include leading global companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, and Microsoft
  • Our team values rationale over hierarchy, pragmatic solutions, ownership, curiosity, and authenticity

Why us?

  • Compact but growing team – your opinion will matter
  • No legacy code and freedom to experiment with the solutions that you like
  • Code reviews, strict TypeScript + ESLint checks, tests, CI/CD
  • We donate monthly to the OSS of your choice
  • We value rationale over hierarchy and prefer pragmatic solutions
  • Work remotely if you like it
  • 2x Around-the-World Ticket after 5 years at CareerLunch
  • Free lunch every time you host a CareerLunch

Your role

  • Evaluate business requirements and implement the right technical solutions
  • Deliver new features and refactor the existing code
  • Collaborate with the Product Owner, CTO, and your colleagues
  • Work on a project used by thousands of people
  • Build a cool company with us

Your profile

  • 2 years of experience in building full-stack web apps touching both server and client sides using TypeScript, modern React (functional components and hooks), GraphQL, Relay
  • Solid knowledge of modern async JavaScript (ES6+) in browser and node.js environments
  • Some experience working with medium-large (> 50k LOC) projects

Bonus points for

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience
  • Passionate about your work, results-oriented, used to remote collaboration and require minimal supervision
  • You can express your thoughts well during technical discussions
  • Confident with basic build tools like webpack and babel and can navigate the vast JavaScript package universe (NPM, Yarn, pnpm)
  • Deployment tool: docker, Kubernetes, helm, telepresence, and skaffold

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