Manager Captain Economics


At Careem, we are driven by the purpose of simplifying the lives of people and building an awesome organisation that inspires. Based in Dubai, we started our journey as a pioneer of the Middle East’s ride-hailing economy. Today, Careem is the region’s everyday Super App operational in 13 countries and over 100 cities. The Super App provides a host of daily services that people need to move around, to order things and to transfer money in one unified smartphone app. Our goal is to simplify people’s daily lives so that they can spend their precious time and mindshare on things that really matter and on realizing their potential.


Job Purpose:

The purpose of the role will be to identify and influence actions that make captains more happy and increase their earnings.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for identifying inefficiencies in payment process and execute solutions to minimize failures
  2. Responsible for proactively monitoring earnings and help supply teams with forecast of captain retention based on earnings
  3. Work in close liaison with acquisition team on strategy as to when to increase/decrease acquisition considering captain earnings
  4. Initiate discussions on moving budgets between supply and demand to manage captain earnings
  5. Provide an ongoing view on competition moves that affect earning
  6. Objectively evaluate EPH vs. 2nd best alternative for each market quarterly to consider inflation/fuel price changes
  7. Initiate conversation to move budgets between countries and between demand and supply


Required Experience / Qualifications (examples below):

  • 5 years + experience
  • Team leadership
  • Strong stakeholder management skills
  • Customer-centric experience and mindset
  • Ability to drill into data and arrive at meaningful actions
  • Ability to look at things wholistically

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