• Operations Management: Manage daily operations of the company utilizing the existing team which consists of Operations Coordinator, Accountant, Public Relations Officer and a Business Development Manager. This will involve:
    • Closely monitoring and controlling the cash flow for the company. Achieve a healthy cash balance by receiving timely payments from investors and ensuring that outgoing payments have extended timelines.
    • Effectively managing the team, assigning accountabilities, monitoring results and take corrective actions
    • Ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded in the system, invoices are generated on time and all financials are up to date. Lead the external auditing exercise every year.
    • Track and continuously reduce monthly expenses of the company without compromising the colleague experience


  • Relationship Management: Help maximize revenue for the company by:
    • Liaising and collaborating with different regulators in KSA to ensure uninterrupted smooth operation of the company. Avoid any penalties and support the regulator to develop and evolve the industry
    • Creating and managing relationships with all relevant financial institutions to ensure availability of low cost capital to the company throughout the year
    • Provide exceptional service to all existing investors to achieve growth through a positive word of mouth. Always deliver a crisp and transparent overview of financial returns with prospective investors. Maintain full transparency in all financial transactions with investors
    • Liaising with Careem business teams for relevant data and understanding of possible synergies that will improve revenue for both Careem and Fleet company

  • Profitability Growth: Set high growth targets for company profitability and achieve them through:
    • Identifying and adding more investors/Captains so that fixed monthly revenue increases while maintaining same cost
    • Collaborating with new technology partners to come up with new revenue streams
    • Having a keen eye for competitive landscape to constantly innovate and stay ahead
    • Proactively identifying issues that could impact successful execution of the priorities
    • Defining and monitoring governance cadence, elevating issues and framing/positioning ideas to resolve problems/ mitigate risk
    • Fully utilize the business development teams of Careem and Fleet company to forge new profitable partnerships


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