Operations Lead  

Role & Responsibilities

- Running the day-day H&S operations for Last Mile Delivery business i.e.
- Pick up co-ordination of daily orders from client warehouses
- Ensuring the line haul operations run smoothly and daily orders are delivered
to Hubs in a timely fashion for last mile operations (for H&S model)
- Co-ordination with call center team & ensure daily bookings are scheduled
- Ensuring 100% dispatch of daily orders
- Ensuring day end reconciliation at hubs of cash & stock
- Co-ordinate with client for retaining undelivered load basis SOP for the
- Re-dispatch the next day for improving the success rate on repeat attempts
- Closing the settlement with client warehouse on daily / every 2 day basis as
per SOP agreed with client
-Share the daily delivered orders report – internally and externally
- Running the day-day Hyper pooling operations for Last Mile Delivery business i.e.
-Working with suppliers to ensure vehicles & DA report for duty as per the
daily plan
-Ensure load sheet is segregated and area wise load distribution is given to
DA’s for the daily run
-Ensure call center team has visibility on the daily plan of DA and set up a
process of regular monitoring and call checks during the day on DA route
-Put in place on ground supervisor to do spot checks with DA operations
- Ensure day end reconciliation happens with client operations team – Cash &
- Keep a track of DA wise performance and take relevant action against under-
performing DA – retraining, shifting areas & load and replacing
- Share the daily delivered orders report – internally and externally

Key Skills Required
- Attention to detail
- Meticulous rigour of following SOP’s and ensuring adherence at all levels – DA, Hubs,
Call Centre and Field Supervisor
- Ability to interact and communicate with field staff, warehouse staff, suppliers and
client operations team
-Task master
-Thinking on the feet to problem solve day – day operational issues and have
alternate / back up plans in case things don’t go as per plan
- Be available & responsive outside of work hours including weekends
-Preparing and publishing MIS

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