Director of Product for Integrity 

At Careem, our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people and create an awesome organisation that inspires. With this vast mission statement, we started by improving transportation and delivery in the region, and now we are expanding into Payment and we’re launching a super-app, hosting multiple Careem and 3rd-party apps, to further simplify and improve people’s everyday life. 

We built the first multi-billion dollar tech startup from Dubai with presence in 100+ cities across 11 countries. We joined Uber officially in early 2020. We grew and attracted top global talent and grew a culture for bold ambitions, shooting for the moon, innovation with tight constraints, and being Careem/gracious. 

As the head of product for Integrity, you are expected to strengthen the integrity mission of ensuring trustworthy transactions across Careem in delivering delightful experiences. You will be responsible for reducing fraud and abuse spanning Mobility of People (Ride Hail, Bus, Bike), Careem NOW for food delivery, Careem PAY, and the Super App platform. You will have tremendous ownership, and it is an invitation to do the most meaningful work of your career. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting the vision, roadmap, execution, and communication with cross functional teams, regional markets, and partners.
  • Lead the roadmap for the integrity platform, rules, and machine learning models.
  • Deliver on meeting annual goals to reduce fraud losses and abuse with strong execution and alignment on what matters.
  • Build and grow a high throughput and high performance team, empowered and enabled by the right tools, infrastructure, and operation.
  • Manage both the tactical fire fighting incidents and the strategic approach for fire prevention.
  • Stakeholder management and alignment with financial statement line-items.


  • Expertise in setting up, managing, and growing a fully-rounded integrity team and all its supporting sub-teams: product managers, engineering, data science, integrity infra, integrity Ops, reviewers, etc.
  • Strong track record in delivering results and demonstrating agility in combating highly-adversarial attack patterns around financial fraud, fake accounts, account takeover, and inauthentic coordinated behaviors.
  • Effective in influencing policies and org-wide product features and roadmaps to fix and prevent product and policies loop-holes. 
  • Understanding of ML techniques and anti-fraud tools on the market and their positioning.
  • Comfortable in managing pressure and keeping a calm and structured work environment.
  • Ability to attract and retain top talent.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills, critical thinking, and wise judgement.


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