Careem is the MENA regions leading ride-hailing service and newest Tech Unicorn. With 30% monthly growth, we now operate in 90+ cities across 13+ countries and host over 30 million users.

Careem's engineers are blazing trails in all facets of massively scalable application design and development. Like other companies facing explosive growth, our application engineers are willing to pick up any language, technology, or methodology necessary to solve challenges — and if a conventional solution doesn't exist, they innovate as necessary.

This role requires experience in designing complex, distributed systems and a passion for creating new technology. You will be responsible for modifying and maintaining our web applications. This includes working with the designers, integrating modern UI designs into the application using JS / server-side technologies, and writing powerful client-side solutions using standard JS frameworks (Angular and React)..On the server-side, the engineer will work with the web applications written in Java and Node.

Technologies we use, descending by proficiency requirements:

  • Language flavours (ES6+ with Babel, TypeScript knowledge is a plus)

  • Libraries (React/Redux)

  • Automated testing (Jest, WebdriverIO)

  • Styling (CSS Modules, PostCSS)

  • Bundling (Webpack)

  • Code linting and formatting (TSLint/ESLint, Prettier)

  • Code base organising (Yarn Workspaces, Lerna)

  • DevOps (Jenkins, Docker)

    We are looking for the following personality traits:

  • Standards-setter: you choose carefully and deliver solutions which can be reused across teams and projects

  • Autonomy, getting things done: you like to think independently, you are able to deal with unexpected setbacks and prioritise ongoing issues efficiently, to achieve scheduled goals

  • Self-learner: you keep track of the current state of the art and always looking for better ways to solve problems

  • Good communicator: you can express your thoughts and opinions clearly and straight to the point, you are comfortable in a feedback-driven environment.

Your job responsibilities will be:

  • Write clean, maintainable, reusable ES6+/TS code with initial unit tests coverage

  • Work together with UI designers and product owners to deliver next-level web

    applications for our customers and for the internal use

  • Improve development tooling and infrastructure to make sure we can efficiently

    respond to business requests and quickly rollout new solutions when needed

  • Take an active part in the agile processes: from defining objectives quarterly to everyday



    What we offer:
  • With us you can fully unfold your potential: we encourage everyone to start initiatives which have real business impact

  • You can use modern tools and technologies, we don’t need to support arcane browsers

  • Work with smart open-minded people, who are passionate about latest developments

    in the global front-end community.

  • Unlimited paid vacation days
  • Flexible working arrangements

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