The #1 cause of death in the US is heart disease.

The solution is a fundamental shift in healthcare. Cardiogram is a mobile app that empowers users to understand and analyze their own heart through data from their wearables. We help manage everyday activities and prevent serious chronic conditions.

We have paying users, corporate partnerships, and published academic papers. We're in the exciting process of engaging more with our core users, launching advanced analysis at scale, and ensuring that we become a loved brand. 


What you'll do

Our backend stack: NodeJS, ScyllaDB (Cassandra), BigQuery, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Heroku, Google Cloud. (Frontend: ReactJS, Swift for iOS, Java for Android)

We are looking to dramatically expand the capabilities of our data at scale - we can't wait to get started building search, data analysis, pipelines, graphs. You will be driving this technical work, making design decisions, deploying new services, and implementing new processes.

You will also be responsible for tasks like maintaining 3rd party integrations, building and launching app features, ensuring data quality, and monitoring servers.


Why Cardiogram

  • We care about each others' mental and physical health.
  • Working smart is better than working hard - burnout is our arch-nemesis. A good night's sleep, laser sharp focus, and creative problem solving are the best tools.
  • We're always open to new ideas and observations. We like iteration and progress.
  • A healthy balance of learning from others and doing your own best work. We hire people that can bring unique strengths to the team, and have the ability and ambition to become experts.
  • Competitive compensation, healthcare, free meals, perks.


What would make you a strong fit

  • Drive to get the right product in front of users and improve their lives 
  • Strong understanding of engineering/programming/CS, important practices and concepts
  • Adaptability, curiosity, and interdisciplinary thinking
  • Genuine interest in working at a small startup
  • 2+ years professional experience designing, deploying, maintaining, and upgrading backend systems
  • Fluent in Javascript
  • Some familiarity with consumer apps, health care, or more specialized infrastructure tasks (time series data, search infra, data processing, ML infra, distributed systems)

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