Candidates should have 4-6 years relevant experience (Consultant Level) and 6+ for SC level positions with an educational background of BE or equivalent courses. Should have strong communication skills as these positions are client facing and requires interactions with stakeholders at onsite as well. Candidates should also possess the basic knowledge and understanding of agile processes and practices in SDLC. Below are the technical areas where the candidates should possess depth of knowledge;

  • Very Strong knowledge and working experience with JavaScript, Typescript, Angular 8/9, NGRX, RXJS, Angular.js, Backbone.js,  Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 etc further familiarity with NestJS, Graphl QL is an add on.
  • Very strong design, architecture and development skills with an ability to switch over to new technology with ease.  Skills needed to determine which is the best technology stack to be chosen for the problem statement and be able to quickly learn and adapt to it.
  • Very strong skills to work on all aspects of an application platform covering front end, with understanding of back end, database, cloud services, tools and frameworks. Able to embrace new technology with ease.
  • An absolute hands on approach to problem solving is critical to deliver in the short timeline development cycle.
  • Apply best practices even while developing in short burst development cycles using concepts related to devOps, design and architecture, testing etc.


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