Join the Charm Tech team and shape the future of service orchestration!

The Charm Tech team at Canonical is building the operator framework. This is a from-scratch next-generation implementation of a charming framework (a framework for capturing operational expertise in runnable form, used to model, deploy, configure, evolve, scale and maintain complex software stacks) meant to be pythonic, easy to learn, and simple to extend. This is where you come in.

Do you find joy in writing Python code (and its documentation) that other developers can read and understand and be productive with in next to no time? Does the idea of working on a project that at its core is meant to be pleasant to extend and reuse get you all excited? Can you collaborate with the framework users over time to grow it into something still flexible and pythonic, yet powerful and overall useful? Then maybe you'd like to work with us on the core of Charm Tech!

As a Charm Tech core developer we'd need you to:

  • write Python code that is simple, clear and pythonic
  • write clear and easy to follow documentation for that software
  • interact with users and other stakeholders over the internet (on IRC, telegram, discourse, etc.) as needed
  • travel internationally to company-wide meetings twice a year, and possibly to other conferences that might arise
  • have core hours compatible with the existing team (currently this means you live in timezones that line up with EMEA or the Americas)

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