Ubuntu is the operating system of choice for robotics, and we at Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) are passionate about the field. However, while the vast majority of Linux-based robots are running Ubuntu, the use of Ubuntu oftentimes stems from using a particular piece of hardware or software that is best supported on Ubuntu, rather than a desire to use Ubuntu and partner with us. We're working to change that, and we're looking for a talented developer advocate and content creator to join us.


We want to directly engage with robotics developers, in person and online, and deepen our understanding of what makes their work difficult. We want to feed that information back to our engineering team working on Ubuntu and the Robot Operating System (ROS) to improve the experience for everyone.


We also want people to know how involved and invested we are in the open source robotics communities, and the best way to do that is to tell them! The successful candidate will collaborate with various engineers on documentation for the Robot Operating System (ROS), robotics-related whitepapers, blog posts, webinars, and videos. They will also work to curate news for a robotics newsletter: highlights about developments happening in ROS, interviews, thought leadership, and general robotics happenings around the world.


We want to tell the story of what's happening in robotics, and solidify our name as a trusted voice in the ROS community. Together we'll travel the world to meet ROS users face-to-face at conferences, Meetups, and customer on-sites. This past year we sent folks to Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Cape Town, Madrid, Montreal, and Seattle.


Required skills

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Demonstrable passion for writing about technology
  • Technical, journalistic and advocacy writing styles
  • Drive to learn new topics quickly
  • Ability to understand difficult problems
  • Communicate complex concepts in plain English
  • Collaborate with engineers across multiple time zones
  • Obsession for accuracy

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