Do you want to change the world? At Cabify, that’s what we’re doing. We aim to make cities better places to live by improving mobility for the people living in them, connecting riders to drivers, providing mobility alternatives such as scooters and mopeds and many others to come, all at the touch of a button. Maybe one day cities will be places where nobody needs a private car. But we’ve still got a long way to go… Fancy joining us?

Our Product & Engineering teams are both based in Madrid, with a strong remote culture, and include an eclectic bunch of awesome people from different backgrounds like Ruby, Go, Elixir, Javascript, and Python.

Right now we’re working on some pretty greenfield projects with a solid set of product ideas lined up ready for innovative engineers to tackle. And of course we have big plans to take over the taxi app service industry!

Database Reliability Engineers at Cabify work on improving all aspects of our platform and have an impact across the whole organisation. They are a blend of database engineers and software developers who solve scalability issues with persistence and implement the best database engineering and security practices.


You will be:

  • Evolving our persistence layer by designing and building first-class, self-service components that will be used by engineering teams and millions of users around the world.
  • Designing and implementing tooling to improve the availability, scalability, observability, and latency of our databases, which are used by internal customers to store their data and operate their services.
  • Defining and iterating on SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs as part of the databases’ lifecycle.
  • Increasing database reliability awareness with other teams, helping with the adoption of reliability principles and reviewing observability implementations or software architectures.
  • Sharing a level 2 on-call schedule for the database services.
  • Participating in our recruiting process to enable our engineering team to grow and scale.
  • Train developers to recognise the correct persistence solutions by improving existing documentation and consult with teams about architectural designs and implementations.


You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Enjoy spending time creating scalable databases, recognizing bottlenecks, and optimising SQL or NoSQL databases.
  • Recognize the tradeoffs between STORING data and KEEPING data.
  • Are familiar with contemporary cloud database offerings (AWS RDS, GCP Cloudsql, etc).
  • Have strong programming skills at least in one language, and know your way around a few more, or can learn them if the need arises.
  • Automate yourself out of everything by nature, making machines do the toil.
  • Communicate effectively and asynchronously.
  • Care about what matters for the company, your team, and yourself.
  • Embrace diversity and humbleness (and a pinch of trolling).
  • Prefer taking iterative action over waiting for things to happen all at once or to be perfect.
  • Strongly favor simplicity over complexity.
  • Have a sense for identifying, exploiting, and elevating bottlenecks.
  • Enjoy herding cats and shaving yaks.


Projects you could work on:

  • Complete the migration from an ancient data monolith to a plethora of smaller, reliable, and clearly owned instances.
  • Assist in the continual process of archiving data to ensure regulatory compliance while not impacting performance by mixing hot and cold data.
  • Plan, benchmark, and migrate our existing databases to ARM architecture to potentially increase performance and efficiency while optimizing costs.
  • Implement a solution to aid developers in getting the data they need to debug production issues without compromising security.


What’s it like to work at Cabify?

We’re a company full of happy, motivated people, and we never want that to change. Here are some more reasons why it rocks to be part of our family:

  • Excellent Salary conditions: Senior: €45K-65K | Principal: €55K-85K
  • All the gear you need.
  • Very competitive stock option plan. At Cabify, we strongly believe highly committed, vision-aligned key roles must be long-term invested in the company's success, thus a significant portion of the compensation of roles such as this one goes in the form of stock options. 
  • Recharge day: Every 3rd Friday monthly OFF!
  • Flexible work environment and hours. We care about the value you deliver, not how many hours you work. In fact, you shouldn’t work too much: your wellbeing matters to us.
  • Regular team events.
  • Cabify staff free rides.
  • Personal development programs based on our career paths
  • Annual budget for training.
  • Flexible compensation plan: Restaurant tickets, transport tickets, healthcare and childcare.
  • We offer fully remote working conditions, or relocation packages to those coming from other countries.
  • All the equipment you need (you only have to bring your talent).
  • A pet room ,so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home
  • And last but not coffee and fruit!

*If you prefer to work from the Madrid office:

  • Remote days available upon agreement.
  • A pet room so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.
  • And last but not least... Free coffee!


Cabify is proud of being an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of background, gender, religion, orientation, age, or ability. Join us!

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