As a DevOps/SRE Engineer working within the Digital Technology team, you will focus on deploying infrastructure as code, and further advancing a progressive technology stack within GCP. You'll also lend a hand with a handful of IT engineering applications deployed in on-prem environments, but primarily take a cloud-first approach whenever possible.

Scalable practices, automation, and Kubernetes will be a primary focus.

The ideal candidate is customer focused and flexible. The ability to communicate effectively is critical. This position provides you the opportunity to make a big impact on the organization as a key influencer and individual contributor. You will leverage your development and system administration experience to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to support the services and tools you create and deploy.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the platforms that run our corporate web properties (e.g., applying security patches, ensuring disaster recovery plans, manage access control to additional developers, etc.).
  • Build and maintain any necessary cloud infrastructure.
  • Build tools utilizing API's and Webhook's to connect core IT systems and SaaS applications.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to drive efficiency (e.g., automate event based remediation, propagating data between systems, task-specific tools).
  • System Administration: Infrastructure as code everywhere possible, upgrade and deploy constantly, monitor and log all the things. Backups and DR.
  • Act as a gatekeeper; review, approve and deploy tools written by other engineers that interface with Corporate IT systems (Slack, G Suite, Okta, etc.).
  • Contributing your ideas on how we can continuously improve our systems and processes.
  • Container-first where possible. Not everything can be run as a container, but we want as much as possible to be run on container workloads.




 Candidate requirements and qualifications:


  • 2+ years experience working with API integrations and Webhooks.
  • Experience managing, building/hosting applications in AWS or GCP.
  • Extensive Kubernetes experience running applications and services at scale in development & production.
  • Infrastructure as Code or Configuration management systems (e.g., Terraform, Puppet, Chef, Salt, Ansible).
  • Experience with CI/CD tools such as Gitlab, Spinnaker, and Jenkins.
  • Significant development experience in at least one modern programming and scripting languages, like Bash, Python, Go or similar languages.
  • Knowledge of SSH, keystores, security certificates, user and password management, SSO Integration and Authorization Tokens.
  • Experience with UNIX systems administration including maintaining web/application servers.
  • Version Control Management experience (e.g., Git, Subversion, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Logging/monitoring (e.g., Splunk, Sumo, ELK, etc.).


  • Deep understanding of Kubernetes, GCP, Google Apps Script & a willingness to acclimate to Alibaba Cloud technologies.
  • Someone who is security oriented, and familiar with tools such as Hashicorp Vault (or other secrets management related tools).
  • Experience with Google API's, Google Cloud Shell, GP-IAM, G Suite Admin SDK.
  • Previous experience working on an IT team or having an IT background.

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