As the Cell Expert he or she will track and monitor the vendor process cell/module development, validation, manufacturing, and failure analysis. He or she will be as a connection between the engineers for different components and system.

About BYTON:

Turning miles into smiles, BYTON is an auto mobility device that combines engineers who are constantly opening up innovative forms of mobility with new technologies, and our UX/UI designers who are leading the way with novel, meaningful, and purposeful interactive experiences that we have yet to see in the market, Never before have both these drivers of change been so effectively united in a single company. At BYTON automobiles and digital literacy are equally at home with each other.


  • Work cross functionally to ensure the integration between cell/module and other component in the battery pack.
  • Data analysis for the test result from the vendors and the test/validation engineer.
  • Analysis the cell/module related issues and design experiment for finding the root cause of cell/module related issue.
  • Design experiment for BMS algorithm development and validation.
  • Design experiment for cell/module characterization.

Candidate Qualification:

  • BS or MS in Electrical, Mechanical, or Chemical Engineering or have equivalent experience in Li-ion Battery cell.
  • 1+ Experience with cell/module testing/characterization methods (i.e. SEM, XRD, TGA et al.)
  • 1+ Experience with cell/module design.
  • Familiar with Li-Ion based chemistry and composition.
  • Good knowledge of different type of cell format (i.e. coin, pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical)
  • Good knowledge of HV battery system.

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