As a member of the Firmware team, you will have a substantial impact on the security of millions of Byton users all around the world. You will also take the lead in securing Byton products by enabling Security into everything from bootloaders to applications on prototype hardware. Our device firmware is built on Linux and open-source software.


As a Firmware Security Engineer You Will

  • Collaborate with our Hardware Engineering team relating to secure boot and roots of trust.
  • Develop and maintain Security features in our products, ranging from Secure Boot to Linux Security configuration.
  • When things don’t go quite as planned—a board doesn’t boot, doesn’t communicate with our dashboard—use a JTAG debugger or logic analyzer or work with the hardware team to debug the problem.

You Are An Ideal Candidate If You

  • Are comfortable using network protocol analyzers, logic analyzers, hardware debuggers, and source-level debuggers to troubleshoot problems at all layers of the stack.
  • Have experience reading schematics and data sheets.
  • Are eager to hook up a logic analyzer to investigate issues with the boot chain.
  • Are delighted to break things in order to uncover security vulnerabilities.
  • Have experience implementing Secure Boot, Trusted Execution , and cryptography fundamentals in embedded systems.

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