Job description

As an OTA Software System Architect you will lead the standardization, management, complexity and delivery of all ECU software from the supplier to the vehicle. Currently BYTON has a mix of internal and externally developed software. You will work with all these teams to ensure a standard process for managing the ECU software that is delivered at each vehicle milestone. You will also help define the requirements for OTA software downloads and vehicle package management from the cloud to the vehicle.


  • Define software file and structure standards for external software
  • Define the delivery process for internal and external software
  • Gather and analyze software release notes and track system level impacts
  • Define requirements for a repository for delivering and storing ECU software
  • Track ECU software delivery timing, exceptions, and deviations
  • Track ECU software PNs, file size, memory addressing and other parameters
  • Confirm ECU software acceptance to BYTON software standards
  • Maintain the latest Vehicle S/W BOM with hardware, application, and calibration dependencies
  • Define requirements for generating the vehicle OTA SW/FW package
  • Manage OTA process and SW/FW dependencies
  • Define S/W delivery process and interface requirements to manufacturing system



  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with ECU software or vehicle systems
  • Familiar with ECU reprogramming, diagnostics and security protocols
  • Working knowledge of various ECU SW file types (.s19, .bin, .hex, .s37)
  • Experience with software release procedures and version management
  • Working knowledge of encryption and software signing techniques
  • Must be self-motivated, with a desire to continuously improve and learn
  • Demonstrated ability to manage complex projects with tight program timing constraints, providing examples of such scenarios throughout one’s career


  • Familiar with ECU reprogramming, diagnostics and security protocols
  • Experience developing C/C++/Rust code for hardware components
  • Experience with vehicle ECU complexity, configuration and calibration parameters
  • Automotive experience at an OEM or Tier 1
  • Experience with manufacturing EOL software downloads
  • Experience with OTA software downloads and management
  • ECU programming experience




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