Senior Powertrain Function Software Engineer.

  • Byton’ s Central Driving Intelligence is the brain of Powertrain systems & functions, at the heart of the other key systems, ADAS, Telematics, and Chassis & Safety.
  • This vehicle control unit will integrate unique features for Byton’ s key markets: China, Europe, and North America.


  • In this position of Powertrain Function Software engineer, you will support the Powertrain team by taking ownerships of full function aggregates.
  • With Byton, you will combine your experience for:


    • Going from high level vehicle requirements
    • Down to the algorithm definition, and coding,
    • Up to the function integration and validation
    • Do function diagnostic and fault management

    basing on Auto SAR architecture


    You will work in close loop with HW experts for specifications checks and reviews, as well as with calibration experts to optimize vehicle performances.


    Owner of your function & software Domain, you will support the powertrain vehicle program manager with your Domain advancements.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • BSc / MSc / PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Automatism, or Electrical Engineering


  • >5 years of vehicle experience, especially on Bosch platform project. EV project experience is better


Function and SW tool mastery or knowledge:

  • Maltab/Simulink, SIL/HIL knowhow is better
  • CAN Bus simulation [Canalyser/CANOE],
  • Rapid-Prototyping [MicroAutobox, ETK, RAPTOR-NEW-EAGLE],


  • Test & Validation, Calibration, Simulation and other integration tools: HIL [DSpace, ETAS, Raptor], INCA, Labview, Intecrio, ASCET, Polyspace, …


  • Fluent in English – other languages a plus

You have automotive SW experience:

  • either from the component control side [electric motors, DCDC convertor, Battery,…],
  • or from control unit integration point of view [VCU, HCU, ECU],

-    or from the vehicle integration and calibration point of view [Driveability, performance, NVH, …]


You have relevant experiences in other industries:

You have supported projects delivering real-time SW on complex applications:

  • in planes,
  • or robotics,
  • or drones a great alternative


You have been immersed into Agile SW development methodologies, at academical or professional level


You are capable and willing to go hands-on programming and debugging

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