About Us

Byteboard has redesigned the ineffective technical interviewing process to be more reflective of what engineers do on-the-job through a project-based approach. We help high-growth companies, like Lyft, Betterment, and Figma, scale their engineering teams through a more effective, efficient, and equitable interview that’s loved by candidates and hiring managers alike.

This opportunity at Byteboard includes an ever-growing market of new customers, a highly enthusiastic customer base, and the chance to help scale Byteboard to become the industry standard for technical interviewing. You’ll be joining a fantastic team at a magical time as we strive to change the industry for the better.

What we're looking for

Byteboard is looking to bring on part-time (10 hrs / wk) programming language experts to help scale our grading operations. This is a great role for technical individuals who want to be a part of reconstructing the technical interview process to be more fair, equitable, and effective by contributing as a Byteboard Grader. Experience (and dissatisfaction) with the current technical interviewing process is a plus.

What you'll do at Byteboard

  • Go through and pass Byteboard Grader Training and Certification
  • Dedicate at least 10 hours / week to grading
  • Grade your assigned module within 1.5 business days (SLA)
    • Interviews will be assigned on a rolling basis throughout the week


We would love to hear from any interested candidates who meet the required qualifications below. If you do not meet some or all of the bonus qualifications but see yourself in this role, please reach out anyway! We’d love to hear from you.


  • Software development experience in one or more general purpose programming languages:
    • Java, C++, Python, Go, Ruby, Javascript, Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Flutter
  • At least 2 years of Software Engineering working experience.
  • Have clear written English communication skills

Pluses (but not required)

  • Experience conducting technical interviews and writing feedback

About the Founders

We met at a social enterprise themed Startup Weekend at Google in Dec 2017. A conversation around building more diverse technical workplaces turned into an hours-long session about our own experiences in the tech industry. Sargun was a Software Engineer on the Google Photos team at the time, and Nikke was a Product Manager on the Google Shopping team.

That one conversation led us to researching and surveying our peers on their experiences with technical interviews which led to the idea of interviews that actually evaluated for on-the-job skills and well, it’s been almost 4 years since. We’ve had exec coaches since the start and continually push each other to be better leaders and peers. We’re product-oriented, quite scrappy when necessary, and sometimes are way too extra when making decks (among other things).

Nikke is originally from San Diego and recently gave up her California lifestyle to move to New York to feed her three obsessions: theatre, salsa dancing, and Levain Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Sargun lives in the Bay Area, where she grew up, but the pandemic has thrown her into a nomadic-life so you might find her in New York, Portland, or Punjab; she is a stress baker, an artist, and in love with her golden retriever August. Nikke and Sargun share a mutual love for fine dining, exceptionally aesthetic AirBnbs, and contemporary romance novels.

We are committed to building an equity-driven workplace with a team that is as intersectional as our users and investors. This means meeting with and hiring candidates who are underrepresented in tech, and we will not fill this position without first meeting with a representative group of candidates.

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