You are responsible for the cohesive vision that spans across our seasonal releases, driving to create a set of experiences that work in harmony with our annual releases to create a unified future for Destiny 2.

As a member of the Destiny 2 Leadership team, you are the glue that holds our systems and seasonal release teams together. You work with the Creative Leads to set the goals and chart the key features for each of our seasonal releases. You feel strongly about upholding key performance metrics with our seasonal beats such as: community sentiment, retention, and revenue.

You work to consistently align with the Destiny 2 Game, Art, and Narrative Directors to understand and upgrade the direction of our world- class Action MMO.

The mindshare you build between our systems and live release developers allows you to be the tip of the spear when it comes to understanding the weekly and monthly updates pushed to the live game both large and small. With an unparalleled understanding of how these updates are affecting our players, you use your knowledge to prioritize short- and long-term changes we need to make to the game.

With the uncertainty and rapidly changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19, most positions at Bungie are expected to onboard and work from home for a significant portion of 2021. In 2022, most Bungie employees will adopt a flexible schedule working from home part time (outside of positions identified as either 100% onsite or fully remote in WA/CA). Currently only a select range of positions are available for full-time remote work in CA or WA (please review location for details). Prospective employees located outside of CA or WA will need to establish WA state residency within 45 days of a start date. Bungie’s work from home, flexible work schedule, and remote policy is subject to change at the company’s discretion.  


  • Work closely with the Game, Art, and Narrative Directors to create and maintain a powerful vision for the content and systems that keep players coming back to Destiny day over day and month over month in-between our annual releases.
  • Use a mix of delegation and direct leadership to track multiple complex problems across seasonal content releases and systemic updates.
  • Prioritize initiatives across multiple development groups with an empathy for what our players need and the desire to maintain the health of the teams at Bungie.
  • Describe paths to success for teams under difficult resource and time constraints.
  • Serve as the final boss of design quality as new systems and content head out to players each season.
  • Ensure that all the major pieces of our seasonal content are tightly integrated, and force multiply each other.


  • Extensive experience with AAA design or leadership in games.
  • Proven experience shipping or maintaining Live Service titles.
  • Proven ability to drive a cohesive design vision over multiple releases of the same product.
  • Proficient in upgrading the quality of an experience while multiple layers away from direct implementation.
  • Enthusiasm for Destiny 2 and a deep empathy for its player base.
  • The ability to, “play the game in your head” when evaluating early ideas and understand how they fit into the larger picture.
  • Excellent leadership and effective communication skills.

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