Are you looking for the challenge of creating great gameplay and player experiences? Can you imagine bringing to life characters that react, respond, and adapt to player’s actions? Do you relish the idea that combat encounters can play out differently each time the player takes on the same mission? Do you believe AI-driven characters should rely on their senses, just like the player does? If so, you just might be the ideal candidate to become Bungie’s next AI Designer.

As an AI Designer, you will be responsible for taking the initial ideas for a combatant and converting them into fully-realized behaviors in the game. AI Designers are tasked with writing all of the scripts that will handle the behavior structure for the combatants. You will balance combatant strength against player weapons and difficulty levels, and then working closely with the World Designers to craft specific experiences for many of the moments in the game.

With the uncertainty and rapidly changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19, most positions at Bungie are expected to onboard and work from home for a significant portion of 2021. In 2022, most Bungie employees will adopt a flexible schedule working from home part time (outside of positions identified as either 100% onsite or fully remote in WA/CA). Currently only a select range of positions are available for full-time remote work in CA or WA (please review location for details). Prospective employees located outside of CA or WA will need to establish WA state residency within 45 days of a start date. Bungie’s work from home, flexible work schedule, and remote policy is subject to change at the company’s discretion.  


  • Work with a team of AI Designers to convert initial concepts into final designs
  • Collaborate with Animators, 3D Artists, Engineers, Audio Designers, World Designers, Producers and Test to realize those designs
  • Write the behavior scripts for an assortment of combatants
  • Fine tune the data for combatants to get the challenge level right for a wide variety of situations
  • Evaluate combatants at a frame by frame level of detail to give Animators and Performance Designers feedback and direction for the experience of fighting each combatant


  • Intuitive understanding of what makes a combatant a memorable experience and what players are looking for when they fight them
  • Effective communication skills and a deep desire to work closely with other disciplines
  • Able to break down what is not working on a character and the ability to convert that knowledge into realistic methods to solve issues
  • Experience scripting or code
  • Understanding anticipation, follow through, character and timing


  • Solid understanding of the game development process
  • Mission Design experience, especially how a Mission Designer converts a group of combatants into a fun and memorable encounter
  • A background in Animation

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