Are you excited by the opportunity to build systems that positively impact the workflow of every person at Bungie? Do you want to optimize the pipelines through which all our game data flows? Do you want to learn about the powerful technologies that have evolved over the years to ship Destiny and deliver frequent updates to our players? Would you like to write efficient software at the heart of our massive server farm?

As a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer at Bungie, you will be a force multiplier. Everything you do will allow Bungie to create games better and faster. Create systems for distributed processing, build systems, bug processing pipelines, and automated testing at incredible scale. You will be an integral part of a game team, working closely with artists, testers, and other engineers to improve their workflows and ship our games. Improvements you make directly result in delivering more to our players. You will write C#, C++, and SQL code. You will build and improve our centralized, scalable services across Bungie. Your voice will be a powerful influence for the future of Bungie technology. You will tackle the unique problems of supporting a large studio with frequent releases.

During these uncertain times and rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19, all positions at Bungie are subject to onboarding and working virtually/remotely.

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