As a Systems Test Area Owner, you will be responsible for creating the test plans to successfully ship and maintain shipped content for your area while working with a multi-discipline team (art, design, and engineering). A Systems Test Area Owner is charged with finding ways to optimize for cost efficiency while maintaining the team-aligned quality bar, and refining the best practices of identifying and prioritizing depth of test for team features. A Systems Test Area Owner is equally responsible for jumping into the thick of hands-on testing, and utilizing this experience to inform their test approach.
At Bungie, we take pride in the quality and polish of the experiences that we deliver to our players. We accomplish this by fostering a collaborative environment where Test has an equal seat at the table alongside all of the other development disciplines. As a Test Area Owner, you will work with cross-discipline peers throughout all phases of development in order to shine a bright light on risks at the earliest possible moment. You will develop an in-depth understanding of our engine, tools, features, and production pipeline to create effective test strategies and mitigation plans that will improve the quality of our games and keep our teams lean, flexible, and healthy.


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