Do you tend towards digging into the mechanics of systems that drive engagement? Do you spend a non-zero amount of time plotting optimal paths to obtaining the sweet loot you so richly desire? When that sugary rare drop finally lands in your lap, do you pause mid jubilant exclamation to ponder about the gears turning behind the scenes which made it possible? As a Test Engineer for systems, you will wade deep into the pools of systems knowledge, exercise expertise at root causing, small team collaboration, player advocacy, and driving fun and engaging experiences.                              

At Bungie, we take pride in the quality and polish of the experiences that we deliver to our players. We accomplish this by fostering a collaborative but critical environment where QA has an equal seat at the table alongside all of the other development disciplines. As a Test Engineer, you will work with cross-discipline peers throughout all phases of development in order to shine a bright light on risks at the earliest possible moment. You will develop an in-depth understanding of our engine, tools, features, and production pipeline to create effective test strategies and mitigation plans that will improve the quality of our games and keep our teams lean, flexible, and healthy.

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