Bungie is looking for a creative and collaborative wordsmith to manage editing efforts for the Destiny universe while simultaneously building out a team and pipeline capable of supporting multiple concurrent projects.

You do it all. Equal parts heart and brain, arts and science. Start the morning off in a standup to ensure editing interests are represented in project closing. Head back to your desk and send feedback on names for the gun of a mythohistorical space paladin. Meet up with production to align on a budget proposal for next quarter. Spend an hour sourcing and networking to maintain your rolodex of vendors. Get in a room with other discipline leads to prioritize a shared backlog of engineering asks. Wade through historical data to inform and adapt outsourcing strategies. Throw together some reports to keep stakeholders in the loop on how copyediting efforts are trending. Then maybe touch up the sweaty-toothed ravings of an intergalactic warlord before calling it a day.

But you can't do it all alone. Your role is interdisciplinary and collaborative in the extreme. As the Senior Editor supporting the Destiny Franchise, you have a high level of familiarity with how related and dependent teams function, and leverage that knowledge to drive improvements across all narrative-facing disciplines. As part of the connective tissue spanning these disciplines, you work to enhance the larger team's ability to tell compelling and unforgettable stories in a way that resonates with our players.

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