Our software team’s main job is to build and improve our industry leading commercial real estate platform.

Our core product is our marketing suite, which gathers Buildout users’ property information into a central Rails application, and then sends it out to our users’ customers through all the main marketing channels. We create emails, pdf documents, print materials, almost anything you can think of. We also have a modern, customizable plugin that brokers can embed in their websites to keep every bit of information up to date.

Moving forward, we have a deep product roadmap that we want your help to develop. We are working on a lot of awesome new features like property maps complete with interactive overlays, a fully user-customizable version of our plugin, and even a tool to help companies make custom-built, browser-compatible emails. We are looking for teammates who want to take ownership of their products and see them from inception all the way through the first user release.

What kind of team are you joining?

Our goal as a team is to give you the tools you need to be the most comfortable doing your work. If you like collaborating, we have an open office and you can pair with other engineers or other team members easily. Maybe you like to put your head down and concentrate? We respect your flow, you can pop in your headphones and work. We emphasize a work life balance at Buildout, and because of that we have a flexible schedule. You’re never going to have a manager looking over your shoulder asking you to report your hours (however they will be around for weekly 1-on-1’s to make sure that you’re feeling great). As an engineer at Buildout, you can do what you need to do to get the job done.

When you join the team though, you’re not just joining part of Buildout, you’re joining Buildout. While you are an engineer, you are also part of a team that includes dozens of other great people. We have the kind of team where everyone knows everyone’s name, where having a chat with CEO isn’t a special occasion because all of us, from top to bottom, pride ourselves on being accessible. We are a company where everyone is free to be whoever they want to be, always.

What are the technical skills that you’ll need to succeed?

We are looking for a full-stack engineer. However, people like to throw around the term “full-stack” a lot these days, so here is what we’re looking for specifically:

Ruby/Rails: We’re a Ruby shop here at Buildout, currently running Rails 4.2 with a Rails 5 upgrade incoming. so a deep knowledge of Rails is going to help you get up and running quickly. Our app uses all of the standard Rails goodness you know and love, as well as a lot of additional tools for design, business logic, and background jobs. If you like to learn new skills, you’re going to fit in really well.

Javascript: Our front-end relies heavily on Javascript. We have currently have core features written using vanilla ES5, but are making a big push to develop major new features with ES6 and React. We are looking for people with a strong working Javascript base who want to keep finding and working with the best new tools.

Testing: Is testing a natural part of your process? If so, you’ll be appreciated here. We are actively building out our test suite and providing ample team resources to make sure that everything we create is tested and rock-solid. Our test suite uses RSpec for most of our Rails work.

Other Web Tech: We use git for source control, Slim for our view templates, lightly customized Bootstrap for our CSS. If you’re really passionate about some new technology, we’d love to hear about it.

What can you expect when applying?

We promise that we review every single application, there is no filtering robot. When you apply, you can expect a confirmation email that we received your application. Once you know we received it, we will read it over and contact you about next steps soon.

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