Our company is made out of humans and the humans are what matter.

We value Team, Customers, Product, Improvement, and Profit. When we say we value the Team, it means the company exists for its people. 

As the Director of People, you’ll be responsible for bringing this vision to life by creating the conditions that allow all our team members to thrive. Through a combination of organizational architecture, recruiting and talent acquisition, talent development, relationship management, learning and development, and company-wide expectations alignment, you will be responsible for bringing talent at Buildout to new heights.

The Objectives You’re Here to Meet

  1. Department Architecture and Management: Architect the People Department in collaboration with company leadership, develop and manage department budget and resource allocation, and institute clear success measures and metrics for tracking its performance. Develop and operationalize scalable, repeatable processes across all people functions including recruiting, administration, onboarding, feedback and communication, performance management, levels and compensation, and employee relations. Hire, retain, grow, and develop members of the People team.

  2. Attraction and Recruiting: Create and own the Buildout employer brand, develop long-term strategies for supporting sustainable hiring practices, managing and implementing acquisition systems, training and coaching hiring managers on interviewing and decision-making, and working with partners to attract top talent.

  3. Employee Relations: Manage relationships between the company and its employees, especially by communicating clear policies and procedures, developing escalation and reporting processes, and managing the full lifecycle of employee questions, concerns, and experiences from entry to exit. 

  4. Culture and Values: Preserve and evolve the Buildout culture by engaging employees in our vision, values, and mission, upholding and improving our Culture Code, supporting employee-led initiatives on culture like our Culture Committee, creating opportunities for internal appreciation, celebration, and recognition, and leading new culture-building initiatives. 

  5. Talent Development: Create opportunities for our employees to professionally and personally grow through career pathing and growth planning, performance management,  curriculum development and training, ongoing and formalized feedback mechanisms, employee experience surveying and action planning, and company-wide learning initiatives.

  6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Apply a DEI lens to the above objectives, with special emphasis on working on realizing our existing DEI Plan across recruiting, retention, promotion, and protection. 

How You’ll Meet Those Objectives

  • Develop the Buildout employer brand identity in collaboration with the marketing and leadership teams, including core messaging, target audiences, and channels for outreach.

  • Oversee the entire recruitment lifecycle from candidate sourcing through onboarding, including designing optimizations and improvements to the process.

  • Oversee and enhance the Buildout onboarding process to drive positive performance outcomes.

  • Create and manage company-wide systems that include both performance management and daily informal feedback.

  • Develop and implement a career growth framework and process that allows performing employees to level up.

  • Architect annual hiring plans and the accompanying budgets, as well as a vision for future growth in the People department.

  • Design company-wide education programs that focus on talent development and lead trainings for employees across brands.

  • Spearhead employee recognition programs and their measurement through pulse surveys, qualitative feedback, and metrics reporting.

What We’re Looking for in This Role

  • A track record developing people and people operations strategies that span the full employee lifecycle.
  • Experience growing, developing, and managing a People team of at least 4-5 direct reports.
  • Experience managing exempt and non-exempt employees, as well as contractors.
  • Experience managing human resources administration functions and the ability to train others to take them on.
  • Comfort working in fast-moving, high performance, and quickly growing organizations where priorities and responsibilities change regularly.
  • A passion for celebration, bringing joy to others, and not just having a good time, but being the person behind it.

What We Value

  • Team: We achieve more as a team than apart, so we wholeheartedly commit to listening, empathizing, and giving the benefit of the doubt to our team members. We commit to inclusion by accepting people as individuals and valuing who they are. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work™.

  • Customers: We listen to and support our customers across our teams. We believe that customer service is in every job description and commit to delighting our customers.

  • Product: We live by Q=PUE (n. pooh): Quality = Polish x Understanding x Engineering.  We seek to empathetically Understand the problem and always ask “why.” We iteratively Engineer great solutions. And we patiently Polish the result to get to Buildout Quality.

  • Improvement: We focus on making a significant impact by taking steps to improve ourselves, our company, and the lives of our customers.

  • Profit: We effectively create value as a company, which brings in profit that practically powers our Team, Customers, Product, and Improvement.

How We’ll Invest in You

  • We have one of the best health insurance plans in Chicago and your monthly premiums are fully paid for by the company. 
  • Free lunch every day, whether you eat in or out of the office
  • Super fun company outings – most recently we took a yacht out in Lake Michigan! 
  • Great ways to take a break from the work day. Why choose between ping pong, pool, air hockey, puzzles, and even a music room if you can have them all?
  • Snacks and drinks, including all the LaCroix you can drink. 
  • Most importantly, a wonderfully quirky culture with a committed and supportive management team invested in your growth and development


Compensation: We offer competitive compensation. 

More About Buildout

Buildout is the software used by top commercial real estate companies to power their marketing and brokerage operations. Now offering database, pipeline reporting, and back-office tools—Buildout enhances your entire deal cycle in a single platform.

Learn more about who we are, what we do, and why we’re changing the face of CRE tech on our website: https://buildout.com/.  

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