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Our Mission is to Make Healthcare Right. Together. Built upon the belief that by connecting and aligning the best local resources in healthcare delivery with the financing of care, we can deliver a superior consumer experience, lower costs, and optimized clinical outcomes.

What drives our mission? The company values we live and breathe every day. We keep it simple: Be Brave. Be Brilliant. Be Accountable. Be Inclusive. Be Collaborative.

If you share our passion for changing healthcare so all people can live healthy, brighter lives – apply to join our team.



 As the Lead Medical Officer, you will be a clinical support to our unique care delivery programs and products.  You will support the President of the Value Services Organization, the Vice President of Pharmacy, Strategic Development team and other Neuehealth leads in establishing the components of a robust integrated services network, including identifying and supporting the business case for services, and evaluating and implementing vendors.  You will support the implementation of a DCE Medicare product in multiple markets, partnering with provider organizations to assure comprehensive member support and care delivery, with high quality, in value based relationships.  You will develop and implement both the Neuehealth System of Care, and support employed and affiliated providers Model of Care to deliver high quality and affordable care to all patients.  You will support clinical decisions and product development.  You will have extensive interactions with our Care Partner’s Executive Team and Physician Leadership, and physician networks, in engaging the providers in developing high performing, cost effective systems of care, and motivating adoption of change.


The Lead Medical Officer job description is intended to point out major responsibilities within the role, but it is not limited to these items.

  • Supports transformation of care delivery across the Integrated System of Care (ISoC)
  • Provides medical leadership for delivery system evolution to value through utilization management, cost containment, and clinical quality improvement activities.
  • Provides support to the development of systems of care that deliver high quality, reproducible, and cost effective care to all patients in the most effective setting.
  • Collaborates with regional clinical leadership to support and codify effective and complete models of care.
  • Facilitates planning and establishing goals and policies to improve quality and cost-effectiveness of care and service for members.
  • Provides medical expertise in the identification of added clinical functions, and in evaluating and implementing solutions.
  • Supports practice improvement efforts and education efforts with regional providers
  • Collaborates with practice leadership for Bright owned practices and affiliates and communicates utilization outcomes and quality and risk metrics
  • Supports and delivers evolution in product development within Neuehealth
  • Works with internal and external stakeholders to identify, develop, measure and support real world evidence (RWE) proofpoints of the efficacy of Neuehealth transformation efforts across the Integrated System of Care (ISoC)
  • Identification, development and implementation of core supports to Neuehealth’s system of care
  • Support program and product development that broadens the engagement of patients with providers
  • Engages and motivates employed and affiliated providers through the transformation/change management process
  • Lead and drive clinical elements, especially provider enablement, within the implementation and management of a DCE Medicare program
  • Assist in market level differentiation of Model of Care and market prioritized supports to the delivery network
  • Collaborate with owned practices affiliates and delegated practices on audits and outcomes
  • Develop Real World Evidence proofpoints of systems of care, models of care, and selected Neuehealth product/program development


This position will have supervisor responsibilities.


  • Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy.
  • Board certification in Internal Medicine, Family Practice or other primary care specialty preferred. Other specialties will be considered if experience is aligned to objectives
  • Minimum of 10 years experience preferred in clinical leadership across multiple product lines
  • 10 years experience preferred leading in high growth environments through critical points of change
  • Active, unrestricted license to practice medicine in a state or territory of the United States.
  • This position requires strong communication skills, with a minimum of five years of experience clinical practice.  Administrative or managed care experience is highly desirable.
  • This position requires strong interpersonal skills to generate collaboration and enable independent decision making amongst internal and external clinical staff.


  • Bright Values: Lives the Bright Values.  Leads by example.  Is viewed as an emerging leader in the company.  Acts with quiet, calm determination.  Effectively influences inside of the organization.
  • Decision making: Drives strong decision making at a functional level.  Is capable of taking a large sum of information, and drilling into what is important. Understands organizational impact of decisions and communicates effectively throughout the decision-making process.  Pushes issues to resolution.
  • Delivers Results: Is results oriented. Is capable of deciphering priorities for self and for others, and focuses the group on what must be done today, and who must do what. Is capable of clearly translating strategic objectives into implementable processes that drive outcomes. Focuses on results, not effort, and is able to efficiently direct time and energy to achieving intended outcome.  Can successfully develop a budget and achieve it without sacrificing quality of output. Achieves strong results within their functional area.  Has an excellent track record of achieving expected results. Understands how to operate in collaborative framework.
  • Direct and Indirect Management: Demonstrates leadership skills.  Has mastered autonomous work, and is able to successfully influence direct and indirect teams to achieve goals.  Organizes people and resources toward the effective and pursuit of objectives: this includes hiring, firing, efficient supervising and performance appraisals. Delivers thoughtful and constructive feedback to teams, and actively works to develop those around them. Sets an example for our employees. Manages up appropriately and knows how and when to escalate an issue or situation to more senior manager.
  • Planning and Execution: Identifies need for planning and has skills to develop, implement, monitor and achieve plans. Knows how and when to adjust plan.  Leads others in this effort. Hold self and team accountable for effective planning and execution.  Overcomes hurdles.
  • Presence: Internally, leads large and small groups of people in meetings. Capable of developing thoughtful agenda, setting objectives, driving clarity of purpose and delivering the intended results. Instills confidence.


  • Board certification in Internal Medicine, Family Practice or other primary care specialty preferred.


The majority of work responsibilities are performed in an open office setting, carrying out detailed work sitting at a desk/table and working on the computer. Travel may be required.


We’re Making Healthcare Right. Together.

We are realizing a completely different healthcare experience where payors, providers, doctors, and patients can all feel connected, aligned and unified on the same team. By eradicating the frictions of competing needs, we are making it possible to give everyone more of what they want and deserve. We do this by:
Focusing on Consumers
We understand patient pain points, eliminating complexity while increasing transparency, for greater access and easier navigation.
Building on Alignment
We integrate and align individual incentives at all levels, from financing to optimization to delivery of care.
Powered by Technology
We employ our purpose built, integrated data platform to connect clinical, financial, and social data, to deliver exceptional outcomes.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome and employ a diverse employee group committed to meeting the needs of Bright Health, our consumers, and the communities we serve. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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