Bridge believes everyone should have access to a financial advisor who works in the best interest of his or her clients. We build highly automated SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for these financial advisors to run their business. Our software increases the efficiency, simplicity, and transparency of financial advisors’ operations, allowing them to grow faster than they would otherwise.

With that in mind, we are growing our team of smart, creative, entrepreneurial people of all walks of life, different backgrounds, and unique experiences. We believe that building our company around our people and giving them the freedom to pursue creative solutions is the key to our long-term success. Our team demands a great deal from each other; the level of responsibility you will have at Bridge is not for everyone. If you are ready for your next challenge, consider applying today.

Senior Data Engineer Job Opportunity

Bridge Financial Technology is seeking a senior data engineer to join our growing organization. In this role you’ll be tasked with achieving the infrastructure demands of housing, streaming and processing large amounts of financial data. The challenges of our business require data to be delivered in highly performant, available and distributed systems.

To meet this challenge we use cutting edge technologies including PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB and AWS Aurora for persistence. You’ll be working primarily with Python and its ecosystem to move data around, using various C-compiled extensions like Numpy and Pandas, as well as different compression engines and storage architectures.

Our ideal candidate will have a strong interest in financial technology, a passion for coding, the ability to learn the specific challenges of Bridge and have a knack for translating knowledge to technology solutions including algorithms, analytics, new features, integrations and more.

We’re looking for people who want to be part of a small but dedicated and growing team, unconstrained by the bureaucracy and politics of large organizations with the desire for high impact work.

Data Engineering Team

You will be apart of Data Engineering, a team dedicated to ingesting, normalizing, maintaining and serving data out to services and teams. Current objectives of this team include:

  • Building and maintaining a data lake on AWS S3
  • Supporting data analytics and quality assurance through tools like Jupyter Labs and AWS Athena
  • Building and maintaining ETL pipelines with AWS Glue
  • Developing and maintaining ingestion processes on serverless Lambda functions and a managed container cluster (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Designing and executing stream processing workflows using AWS Kinesis

Responsibilities of the Senior Data Engineer role

We primarily use Python for data processing, but will likely find ourselves doing much with the Go programming language within 1-2 years. Because Python is interpreted all our data processing is put into C-compiled backends like Numpy and Pandas. We believe in reducing systems maintenance by offloading as much of the traditional developer-operations workload to our cloud provider (AWS), allowing us to focus on the underlying problems. Some of the AWS services you’ll be working with include:

  • Glue for ETL workloads and data lake crawling
  • Athena for analysis
  • Lambda functions and container clusters for custom-built data ingestion
  • Aurora, Redis (Elasticache) and Mongodb for persistence
  • Kinesis and SQS for data transport

Key characteristics and skills for success in this role

  • Passion for data and a deeply analytical mind
  • Strong problem solving and mathematical skills
  • Familiarity with both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Ability to work collaboratively, while also being confident enough to lead projects independently with minimal oversight

Our current hiring preference is for highly experienced candidates, along with a number of the following qualifications:

  • 7+ years of experience as a professional software engineer
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent technical field (mathematics, physics, EE, etc.)
  • Advanced degree in computer science or equivalent technical field is a plus
  • Understanding of relational database design with strong knowledge of SQL
  • Familiarity and experience with row and column-oriented storage architectures
  • Familiarity with various file formats, such as Apache Parquet and Avro, HDF5, etc.
  • Experience with using various compression algorithms in production
  • Experience using Python, Pandas/Numpy, R, or Julia or similar data science technologies
  • Understanding of the economic costs of storage on AWS; knowledge and experience with economic efficient storage of data
  • Any knowledge of the financial space is a plus

Our Benefits

  • Work shoulder to shoulder with a highly dedicated and supportive founding team
  • Competitive pay that includes performance-linked bonuses and equity participation
  • Comprehensive benefits including full insurance packages and a 401k match
  • Unlimited vacation/sick leave
  • High degree of freedom and responsibility
  • Continuing education reimbursement
  • The opportunity to create, innovate and build industry-changing technology

Interested candidates can apply and upload their resume to Bridge’s job board:

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