BridgeBio Pharma

BridgeBio is a biopharmaceutical company founded to discover, create, test, and deliver transformative medicines to treat patients who suffer from genetic diseases and cancers with clear genetic drivers. We bridge the gap between remarkable advancements in genetic science in academic institutions and the delivery of meaningful medicines to patients. Founded in 2015, the company has built a portfolio of 20+ drug development programs ranging from preclinical to late-stage development in multiple therapeutic areas including genetic dermatology, precision oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, pulmonology, and renal disease, with two approved drugs.

Our focus on scientific excellence and rapid execution aim to translate today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s medicines. We have U.S. offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Raleigh, with small satellites in other parts of the country. We also have international offices in Montreal, Canada, and Zurich, Switzerland, and are expanding across Europe.

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Current Job Openings


BBIO - Accounting & Finance

Remote - United States
Head of Credit Risk Compliance
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

BBIO - Biostatistics & Data Management

BBIO - Commercial Insight & Operations

Sr. Manager, Market Insights
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

BBIO - Communications

Vice President, Head of Communication
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid


Sr. IT Infrastructure Engineer
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

BBIO - Legal

Vice President, Intellectual Property
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

BBIO - Market Access

Sr. Manager/Associate Director, Market Access Marketing
San Francisco, California, United States

BBIO - Marketing

Director, Marketing Excellence
San Francisco, California, United States
International Director, Marketing
San Francisco, California, United States
Manager/Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing
San Francisco, California, United States

BBIO - Preclinical

Sr. Research Associate, Discovery Biology
Palo Alto, California, United States

BBIO - Quality Assurance

Sr. Vice President, Quality Assurance
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

BBIO - Sales

BridgeBio Gene Therapy

BBGT - Quality Assurance

BridgeBio International

BBCH - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager, EU
Remote - Netherlands

BridgeBio Oncology

BBOT - Clinical Development

BBOT - Quality Assurance


BBX - Preclinical

Principal Scientist, Discovery Biology
Palo Alto, California, United States


CALC - Management

Executive Assistant
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

CALC - Manufacturing

Senior Manager, CMC Project Management
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

CALC - Program Management

Director, Program Management
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

CALC - Quality Assurance


EIDX - Clinical Operations

EIDX - Manufacturing

Senior Manager, Drug Product
Remote - Netherlands

EIDX - Medical Affairs

Regional Medical Director
Remote - United States

EIDX - Quality Assurance

Sr. Director, Quality Assurance CMC
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

EIDX - Regulatory Affairs

VP, Regulatory Affairs
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

ML Bio Solutions

MLBS - Clinical Development

Senior Director, Clinical Development
San Francisco, CA/Hybrid

MLBS - Medical Affairs

Director, Medical Affairs
Remote - United States


QEDX - Clinical Operations

QEDX - Quality Assurance

Director, Quality Assurance
Remote - United States