Join a group of Enterprise and Team coaches who believe that context driven practices will have beneficial results for the organization.  This focus sets the tone for the larger organization to cultivate a continuous improvement mindset.

The Agile Portfolio & Delivery Practices, a team within the Engineering Organization of Endurance International Group, is committed to helping Endurance continuously improve how our products serve customers.  The primary focus is to support Product Delivery, however, the team is not limited to this area of the organization.  To that end we use & leverage Agile and Lean principles and techniques to bring about organizational efficiency.  This is a generalist position - meaning you have the primary goal of being a Team Coach/Scrum Master, but you have the secondary objective of helping teams throughout Endurance to improve their efficiency.  Do you have experience with helping teams in a Servant Leadership capacity?

  • Helping teams to make measurable improvement?
  • Do you have a deep interest in collaboration?
  • Have your teams evolved their definition of “done”?

Specific Objectives & Responsibilities:

First Six Months

  • Conducting Scrum Master events:
    • Running daily standups, retrospectives, etc.
    • Removing impediments from teams
    • Protecting the team from organizational distractions
  • Actively advocate for continuous improvement
  • Learn about the business your team serves and the technology they own
  • Proactive in finding ways for teams (not just software) to embrace efficacy

Six to Twelve Months

  • Understand the business and technology of the products your teams own
  • Propose and follow through with ideas for improving collaboration among teams
  • Continuously improve craftsmanship of Team Coaching
  • Understand team dynamics to provide greater team value

What you need to be?

  • A natural facilitator and communicator.
  • Quick at distilling the crux of a problem and determining a path to resolution.
  • Great at seeing and creating the right workflows that affect people and systems.
  • An advocate of the Agile Mindset

Key Challenges you will overcome:

Every organization has positives and negatives, in this role you’ll be working on the leading edge.  Due to Endurance’s history, there are many brands and ways of working, you’ll be asked to help teams find a way of working together toward a common goal.

Come join an organization that is investing in making the transition from deliverables to outcomes.

What you have already done?

  • Exposed to techniques for describing complex ideas/systems (i.e. diagrams/models)
  • Demonstrated focus on encouraging greater use of the Agile mindset that enables Endurance’s customers to obtain sustained measurable results.
  • Facilitated technical and functional discussions with stakeholders.
  • Understand how to bring people together and solve problems with less than all the information is a plus.

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