Brave is on a mission to save privacy on the web. We make a web browser which protects privacy by blocking tracking by default, right out of the box. We offer completely private ads as an optional alternative to the invasive surveillance online so that you can directly contribute to the sites you visit and appreciate.

Brave is a start-up, and we have the ability to change plans quickly in response to new information or circumstances. This means that new needs can emerge on short notice, and projects are often re-mixed and adjusted in response to new input. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to influence those choices and other areas of the team.

Brave is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to work on new features for our Chromium-based desktop browser. Help us make the desktop version of Brave amazing on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Work with our product development team to collaborate on designs and specs and bring them to life on Brave’s desktop browser.
  • Working on browser content page UI (e.g. new tab page, history, settings, informational widgets) using JavaScript, HTML and CSS with React and some Polymer.
  • Helping to customize the native UI provided by Chromium to add new product features and modify existing features. These UI elements include toolbars, modals, buttons, and more.
  • Implementing back-end browser features, hooking in to existing Chromium components, and providing APIs to access those features from web content or other Chromium components.
  • Deliver code which is well tested with high confidence (unit tests, browser tests).
  • Work alongside and learn from our experienced Chromium engineers - helping with peer reviews and helping improve our engineering processes.

Required skills:

  • Expertise with CSS for building UI within web content
  • Proficient using Javascript with the Web API. Experience with Typescript is desirable
  •  Experience with a class-based object-oriented language, such as Java, C#, PHP, Objective-C or C++. C++ expertise or experience with Chromium is not required, but a willingness to learn and the ability to grasp the concepts quickly will be expected.
  •  Knowledge of the importance of various UI accessibility techniques
  •  Understanding of performance impact and how both to measure and make improvements
  •     Experience with different Javascript UI frameworks such as React, Vue or Svelte. Familiarity with Polymer is a plus.

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