Job Description: We are looking to fill 1 open position for Chinese language on the Fraud Team. Must be Billing trained to apply!


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*Note: Candidates for the fraud team should be fully trained in all regular tickets including Account and Billing. Candidates must be also be trained in or eligible for Billing Escalated. Prior duties may need to be backfilled before joining the team.

The Fraud Team consists of several agents who will handle Fraud Tickets as well as Fraud Investigations. Ideal Traits for Fraud Team candidates are as follows:
• Strong analytical skills, excellent pattern recognition, and comfort with large data sets
• Effective at shifting approach between very different ticket styles. For fraud, this means tickets from both aggrieved customers whose accounts we've mistakenly locked and tickets from fraudsters attempting to socially engineer support
• Understanding of gaming culture, especially games with economies (MMOs for example) and auxiliary websites (such as those created by gold farmers and other scams)
• General worldwide cultural/historical/geographical knowledge
• Enjoy doing repetitive logical/forensic tasks.
• Should like "catching the bad guys" and building narratives around what they’re doing, but it's more important to avoid being too aggressive (and thereby harming legitimate customers). The goal of avoiding incorrect locks (False Positives) is more important than the goal of catching bad accounts. We want to lock the fewest amount of accounts necessary while still accomplishing our goals.
• Prior econ ticket experience is a plus
• Proven ability to exercise great judgment around very sensitive decisions that can set precedent and potentially face public scrutiny
• Willing to work independently for long periods of time.
• Ability to concentrate on a complex issue for whatever time is necessary to make the right conclusions
• Mental stamina to maintain that concentration daily
• Conscientious personality to avoid making high-impact errors and to ensure work is thorough/complete, accurate, and fair to customers.
• Willing and well-suited to learning “on-the-job” from peers without class-room time.






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