Everything that we do at Bluebeam is in an effort to create value for our customers as we serve them, partner with them and innovate on their behalf to move their work forward.

At Bluebeam, we hire for both competency and character.  We are committed to hiring employees with the ability to achieve superior results while approaching their work ethically using a team-based approach.

We believe that teamwork is the ultimate long-term competitive advantage, and we hire those who can remain committed to company-wide results which create value for our customers rather than focusing on their own desires for power or career advancement.  This means that every employee needs to be willing to roll up their sleeves, no matter the task, to ensure the company (not just a department or individual) accomplishes its goals.

Bluebeam employees are a team of people committed to winning together as we work to create value for our customers.  And we are committed to winning the right way – both ethically and as a team.


We are looking for an Order Management Coordinator (Billing) to verify fulfillment and finalize billing for purchase orders with an emphasis on efficiency and accuracy.  They will work closely with the order processing team to ensure orders are processed correctly before billing.  The role requires direct communication with our customers as well as internal teams at Bluebeam.

This role will be responsible for:

  • Invoicing/billing all orders after fulfillment. This includes orders placed on the webstore, through direct sales and through channel partners.This can also include manual fulfillment of webstore orders in cases where the automated system cannot complete fulfillment.
  • Verifying accuracy of order fulfillment, including verifying pricing and payment terms on purchase orders and charging payment on orders when applicable. This can also involve interaction with other team members or customers to get clarification when an order is unclear. 
  • Following up with customers and internal team regarding issues with pending orders. This requires a strong knowledge of internal policies and procedures.


We are also looking for an Order Management Coordinator (Order Processing) to provide prompt and accurate fulfillment of purchase orders.  This includes timely product delivery to end users. The role requires communication directly with our customers as well as internal teams at Bluebeam.  In addition, they will work closely with the billing team to clarify order fulfillment issues before invoicing.

This role will be responsible for

  • Verifying orders, issuing or changing licenses, sending confirmation emails and delivering license certificates directly to the end user.
  • Confirming that orders are compliant with all current sales policies including following up with customers or sales reps when an order is not compliant.
  • Answering any order related question and forwarding any non-order related issues to the appropriate team.
  • Verifying refund eligibility


Here’s what we’d like to see in you:

  • Accuracy – Able to complete work tasks with a minimal amount of errors.
  • Efficiency - Able to produce significant output without much wasted effort.
  • Flexibility – Willingness to modify approach based on the unique demands of each situation.
  • Attention to detail – Work is completed in a thorough and thoughtful manner, making sure small details are not overlooked.
  • Communication skills – Provides clear and confident communication, both written and verbal, with internal and external customers.
  • Initiative – Manages daily workload without being told what to do. 
  • Collaborative – Able to communicate with team members effectively to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Critical Thinking Skills – Able to evaluate data and draw reasonable, logical conclusions based on available information.  

If you think you are good match for the Bluebeam team, please send the following:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter explaining why you are a fit for Bluebeam and this role (And if you send us the same one you send everyone else, we’ll be bummed.  Show us you did a little research and that you have a personality!)


(Psssst…Be sure to proofread.  We pay attention to formatting, grammar, and all that good stuff!)


Learn more about Bluebeam here http://careers.bluebeam.com/.



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