Blowfish is tackling the cybersecurity risks inherent in end-user interactions with blockchains. The opacity of blockchain transactions has led to the proliferation of theft in the space via malicious transactions. We are developing a service that scans proposed transactions for malicious intent on behalf of wallets, custodians and individual users before they sign and send them to the network, adding an extra layer of security that can protect users from phishing attacks, malicious or hijacked dApps, DNS hijacking attacks and more. Come join us in our mission to keep crypto users safe!


We are a tight-knit team of blockchain industry veterans solving one of the largest problems facing the mass adoption of crypto: transaction security. Despite being less than a year old, we have raised $11.8 million from Paradigm & other top investors and integrated into Phantom, the leading wallet on Solana with millions of users. We are scanning millions of transactions each week for malware and scams and are helping keep their users safe. Transaction security is a high leverage way to make a difference in the world — protecting users funds and enabling them to give informed consent when entering digital agreements involving their finances and other ownership rights. We support EVM and Solana blockchains and will be adding more chains soon.


  • 👍 Significantly above market rate equity compensation package — giving you meaningful ownership is important to us
  • 🧘‍♀️ Comprehensive health insurance
  • 💻 Stipend for your ideal remote / WFH set-up: laptop, headphones, and any other work gear you may need.
  • 🏝️ Unlimited vacation with an enforced 20 day minimum policy: Take time off when you need it.
  • ⛰️ Paid travel - team offsites in different parts of the world, several times a year


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Don't see a fitting job opening below? If you're excited about working at Blowfish and think you have a valuable skillset to contribute to helping us solve the crypto-native scam problem, please reach out to directly. We remain open to hiring exceptional people regardless of current hiring priorities.


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