Bloomreach is the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, empowering brands to deliver customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. It offers a suite of products that drive true personalization and digital commerce growth, including:

  • Discovery, offering AI-driven search and merchandising
  • Content, offering a headless CMS
  • Engagement, offering a leading CDP and marketing automation solutions

Together, these solutions combine the power of unified customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI optimization, enabling revenue-driving digital commerce experiences that convert on any channel and every journey. Bloomreach serves over 850 global brands including Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München, and Marks & Spencer. Bloomreach recently raised $175 million in a Series F funding round, bringing its total valuation to $2.2 billion. The investment was led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management with participation from Bain Capital Ventures and Sixth Street Growth. For more information, visit


We want you to join us full-time in our Data Pipeline team. We work remotely first, but we are more than happy to meet you in our nice office in Bratislava or Brno. And if you are interested in who will be your engineering manager, check out Vaclav's Linkedin.

Intrigued? Read on 🙂…

Your responsibilities

  • You will develop a data pipeline processing a large amount of data reliably and at a high rate using Python, Go, MongoDB, GCP and much more.
    • For example, our clients feed their visitors’ behavior through real-time tracking to our platform. The data then can be analyzed and used for marketing automation. We process tens of thousands of requests per second 🚀. You may help improve the efficiency of our workers, improve monitoring or help with autoscaling of our infrastructure.
    • Imports are critical for our clients to utilize our platform to the fullest. You may help us to improve the throughput and reliability of our imports as we need to import millions of rows of data or help us implement integration with another data storage.
    • We also are responsible for exporting data from our platform to Google’s BigQuery using google’s DataFlows and Apache Beam allowing data access by our clients
  • We also are responsible for exporting data from our platform to Google’s BigQuery using google’s DataFlows and Apache Beam allowing data access by our clients
  • From a data storage/data access we are using Data LakeHouse concepts to store and serve data for various non-real time analytical usecases, using Google BigLake Managed tables, IceBerg open table format, AVRO with Parquet open file formats with DataProc (Spark, Flink, Presto) on top of it.
  • You will help us run and support our services in production handling high-volume traffic using Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes.
  • You will review the code of your peers and they'll review yours. We have high code quality standards and the four-eyes principle is a must!
  • You will start on easier, self-contained projects and once you feel at home, you can move to real beasts. Challenging, complex projects that will leave a mark - we have plenty of those 💪.
  • Later you might help us by participating in on-call rotation keeping our services up and running 🚀.

Your qualifications

  • You have experience with Python and a solid grasp of engineering practices 🔧.
  • If you have an experience with Go, that's a big advantage 💪.
  • You have a taste for big data storage and processing using open source technologies
  • You know how to behave in remote-first environment 
  • You are able to learn and adapt. It'll be handy while exploring new tech, navigating our not-so-small code base, or when iterating on our team processes.

Our tech stack

  • Python, GO
  • Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, GitLab
  • Google Cloud Platform, DataFlow, Apache Beam, BigQuery, BigLake Table
  • Open formats IceBerg, Avro, Parquet
  • DataProc, Spark, Flink, Presto
  • Mongo, Redis
  • … and much more 🙂


  • Salary ranges from 3500 EUR gross / month based on your seniority and it can get much higher later depending on your performance.
  • There's a bonus based on company performance and your salary.
  • You will be entitled to restricted stock units 📈that will truly make you a part of Bloomreach.
  • You can spend 1500 USD per year on the education of your choice (books, conferences, courses, ...).
  • You can count on free access to Udemy courses.
  • We have 4 company-wide disconnect days throughout the year during which you will be encouraged not to work and spend a day with your friends and family "disconnected".
  • You will have extra 5 days of paid vacation 🏖. Extra days off for extra work-life balance 🙂.
  • Food allowance!
  • Sweet referral bonus up to 3000 USD based on the position.

Your success story.

  • During the first 30 days, you will get to know the team, the company, and the most important processes. You’ll work on your first tasks. We will help you to get familiar with our codebase and our product.
  • During the first 90 days, you will participate in your first, more complex projects. You will help the team to find solutions to various problems, break the solution down into smaller tasks and participate in implementation. You will learn how we identify problems, how we prioritize our efforts, and how we deliver value to our customers.
  • During the first 180 days, you’ll become an integral part of the team. You will achieve the first goals we will set together to help you grow and explore new and interesting things. You will help us to deliver multi-milestone projects bringing great value to our customers. You will help us mitigate your first incidents and eventually even join the on-call rotation. You will get a sense of where the team is heading and you’ll help us to shape our future.
  • Finally, you’ll find out that our values are truly lived by us 💛. We are dreamers and builders. Join us!


More things you'll like about Bloomreach:


  • A great deal of freedom and trust. At Bloomreach we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. This freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We are interested in results from day one. 

  • We have defined our 5 values and the 10 underlying key behaviors that we strongly believe in. We can only succeed if everyone lives these behaviors day to day. We've embedded them in our processes like recruitment, onboarding, feedback, personal development, performance review and internal communication. 

  • We believe in flexible working hours to accommodate your working style.

  • We work remote-first with several Bloomreach Hubs available across three continents.

  • We organize company events to experience the global spirit of the company and get excited about what's ahead.

  • We encourage and support our employees to engage in volunteering activities - every Bloomreacher can take 5 paid days off to volunteer*.
  • The Bloomreach Glassdoor page elaborates on our stellar 4.6/5 rating. The Bloomreach Comparably page Culture score is even higher at 4.9/5

Personal Development:

  • We have a People Development Program -- participating in personal development workshops on various topics run by experts from inside the company. We are continuously developing & updating competency maps for select functions.

  • Our resident communication coach Ivo Večeřa is available to help navigate work-related communications & decision-making challenges.*
  • Our managers are strongly encouraged to participate in the Leader Development Program to develop in the areas we consider essential for any leader. The program includes regular comprehensive feedback, consultations with a coach and follow-up check-ins.

  • Bloomreachers utilize the $1,500 professional education budget on an annual basis to purchase education products (books, courses, certifications, etc.)*


  • The Employee Assistance Program -- with counselors -- is available for non-work-related challenges.*

  • Subscription to Calm - sleep and meditation app.*

  • We organize ‘DisConnect’ days where Bloomreachers globally enjoy one additional day off each quarter, allowing us to unwind together and focus on activities away from the screen with our loved ones.

  • We facilitate sports, yoga, and meditation opportunities for each other.

  • Extended parental leave up to 26 calendar weeks for Primary Caregivers.*


  • Restricted Stock Units or Stock Options are granted depending on a team member’s role, seniority, and location.*

  • Everyone gets to participate in the company's success through the company performance bonus.*

  • We offer an employee referral bonus of up to $3,000 paid out immediately after the new hire starts.

  • We reward & celebrate work anniversaries -- Bloomversaries!*

(*Subject to employment type. Interns are exempt from marked benefits, usually for the first 6 months.)

Excited? Join us and transform the future of commerce experiences!

If this position doesn't suit you, but you know someone who might be a great fit, share it - we will be very grateful!

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