Blockstream was founded in 2014 by Dr. Adam Back and a group of fellow cryptographers and engineers passionate about Bitcoin and its potential to change the future of finance. Focusing on building fundamental Bitcoin infrastructure, Blockstream quickly grew into one of the leading technology power houses of the industry.

At Blockstream, we’re building solutions on Bitcoin that will disrupt the existing financial system. We imagine a world where individuals and businesses can easily access a global, permissionless system to secure their money, use it every day, and invest it or put it to work. In pursuit of our expansive vision, we’ve built a full stack of innovative products on top of the Bitcoin protocol, from layer 2 projects like Liquid and Core Lightning, to end user software and hardware wallets like Green and Jade. Our brand stands for innovation in the Bitcoin community, and we’re growing our team to accelerate the future. Come join us in our mission!

The Director of Research position is responsible for design, development, and architectural review of new technologies as well as managing all aspects of the development process, including resource planning and budgeting.



  • Write data-driven research and reports that combine our proprietary data with outside data sets to identify key trends and analyze the momentum of fintech companies as well as innovation by financial services/blockchain incumbents.
  • Assist with custom client-directed research
  • Understand and develop forward-looking analyses and insights for top fintech areas including banking and payments, wealth management, insurance tech, capital markets tech and future cryptocurrency potential projects.
  • Conduct and produce deliverable research on blockchain technology - its uses, impacts, and future 
  • Develop and give client and prospect client presentations to discuss market trends in fintech and cryptocurrency.
  • Support PR requests with data and category knowledge


  • 5+ years in Research Engineering
  • Strong knowledge of cryptocurrency
  • Cryptography and cryptographic protocols, crypto analytic techniques including elliptic curve cryptography, hash funtions, or high-performance constant-time implementations
  • Practical application of graph theory, combinatorics, abstract algebra, numerical analysis, coding theory, game theory and probability, and asymptotic analysis
  • Dynamic programming and knowledge of Rust, C, Lisp, Haskell, C++, Python, shell, PHP or Perl

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