As a threat operations engineer under the Security Research team umbrella you will build and help companies be safer by developing and maintaining tools to aid our Security Research team. You will be able to (under our tech stack) design and develop reliable software, including the necessary testing and code development practices defined by the team. The core of your work will range from simple script development to full fledged services with direct impact in the business. 

We are looking for candidates who have a particular interest in programming and solving technical challenges, are naturally curious, have a strong ability to learn and have intermediate knowledge of computer security practices. An engineering or technological background is a must, we expect the candidate to continuously learn by themselves once equipped with a base of knowledge aided with training paid by the company.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, deploy, and manage new botnet tracking techniques;
  • Develop tools to assist with automation on the security research infrastructure;
  • Setup alerting, tests and fail ready logic for critical code;
  • Help internal support by providing insightful knowledge in the systems you create;


Skills and Requirements

  • 3+ years in Python development
  • Particular interest in Python 2.7/3+ programming;
  • Microservice architectures, API's, and related technologies;
  • Ability to work independently yet collaboratively in a dynamic environment;
  • Experience with remote access shells and work (Linux/*NIX);
  • Experience with public cloud platforms such as AWS;
  • Go language knowledge is valued;
  • Docker knowledge is valued;
  • BSc or MSc is desirable;
  • Demanding with the code you develop;
  • Fluent in English, spoken and written;
  • Hard working, enjoys learning and is willing to study;
  • Take tasks and projects to completion with a sense of ownership;
  • Strong sense of team collaboration as well as individual work ethic;
  • Rubber duck debugging expert, where the duck are your colleagues;
  • Intermediate knowledge of computer security practices;


What we offer

  • Great company - BitSight pioneered the market and the Security Rating is becoming increasingly important worldwide as the standard;
  • Good work environment and perks;
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful team;


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