Bitfury is a leading emerging technologies company.  At Bitfury, you can build the solutions of the future, with the most significant technologies of the millennium, in a modern and flexible workplace. We work a bit faster, and a bit smarter, so we can make the world a bit better.

Benefits of Working at Bitfury: 

International Experiences & Global Impacts 

Bitfury is an international company with 200+ team members in more than 16 countries. No matter your assignment, your work will support global technology initiatives and best-in-class security operations in North America, Asia and Europe, as well as help us fulfil our mission to make the world more trusted and secure. 

Building the Future

We believe big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, tokenized economies and cryptocurrencies are the future of our digital, global economy. Bitfury is building this future through our products that offer digitised security, asset management, government services and more. We consider ourselves first and foremost a technology company. We are a diversified organisation, with operations across multiple facets of the AI, blockchain, and digital currency sectors. If you are passionate about emerging technologies, you can build your future at Bitfury.

Accelerate Your Career

Bitfury is growing fast and looking for the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs to help us. At Bitfury, you will be expected to create the future – not just execute it. If you are a self-starter, driven and collaborative team member, you can create a dynamic future for yourself and your career at Bitfury. 

Modern Workplace with Intelligent Flexibility

Bitfury lets you work in the way you need to work to make your work faster, smarter and better. We will give you the resources you need to succeed – competitive pay and benefits, educational support, intellectual challenges, professional advancement, personal accommodations including remote work, and more. We pride ourselves on being less bureaucratic and a lot more impactful.

Start-up Culture with Established Results

Working with the world’s leading experts and engineers, you will have the opportunity at Bitfury to pursue results that will power your success as well as lead to the adoption of game-changing technologies. Our teams work every day to make the impossible possible, to change the game, to be agile and effective, and most of all – to empower the rest of the world to do the same.

Personal and Professional Characteristics

We at Bitfury ensure our team members possess the ability to think out of the box and make the impossible possible. We are self-motivated and result-oriented, and we have an “owner of the company” mindset. We are constantly self-educating and developing. We are able to work in a team and collaborate. We have a “do good” mindset and are not afraid to dream big. And of course, we always deliver in time what we promised and with extreme attention to detail — because if we are not able to do the little things right, we will never be able to do big things right.

We are looking for a talented Content Research Lead to join our Crystal team:

Duties and responsibilities:


  • Research for content/ angles for articles/ reports/ papers/ presentations
  • Strategic planning (including competitor and market research)
  • Working with marketing and analytics team on research

Content creation:

  • Article/ report research based on market trends/ team planning
  • Article writing (alongside marketing team) for internal and external publications
  • Sharing research ideas in terms of current trends in the blockchain industry
  • Researching into the overlap between blockchain industry and other sectors (banks)
  • Creation of interesting findings, conclusions, predictions for thought leadership use


  • Excellent level of written English (C2 preferably)
  • Creative outlook supported by strong writing skills
  • Critical thinking combined with strong research skills
  • Experience in research within the blockchain/ tech industry
  • Experience in following trends and making comparisons/ predictions
  • Knowledge of how blockchain technology works and how to analyse it for content creation
  • Skilled at working with data: making pivot tables and draft charts on raw data (for designer to work with)
  • Ability to extract this data independently with SQL-queries (written independently, or at least be able to use previously written queries)
  • An interest and enthusiasm in blockchain technology and industry trends and developments
  • An ability to find interesting points of view and form educated angles on topics

Would be a plus:

  • Experience in various forms of long-form and technical copy: reports, presentations and whitepapers
  • Experience with short-form and marketing copy - blog posts (and social posts if needed)
  • Experience with strategical planning - to be able to create a research content calendar
  • Ability to work as part of a team going between analytics and marketing colleagues
  • Understanding of the regulatory implications for blockchain businesses

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