BioSkryb is currently recruiting a Director/Vice President of Sales to provide leadership and energy to its sales growth. This is an exceptional opportunity to join a corporate culture that is known for having an innovative and growth-oriented vision. 

The Director/Vice President of Sales will grow and lead the sales team to distribute a suite of new single-cell products based on our core technology, Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA). BioSkryb is an early stage venture-backed company engaged in early customer trials of our first core chemistry products. The BioSkryb team has further developed a deep pipeline of new products aimed at addressing the critical heterogeneity that defines biological systems and elucidates the mechanisms of pathology at the most basic level - the single cell genome. The strength of BioSkryb is our laser focus on data quality, which has enabled us to create the best-in-class low-input and single-cell genome amplification system. Our data is transformative, enabling the highest genome coverage and single nucleotide variation detection along with the lowest allelic imbalance in the industry. This core technology has broad utility in a myriad of industry sectors and enables an expanding set of applications including true multi-omic approaches where we can detect the entire transcriptome and genome from an individual cell without sacrificing data quality as well the ability to amplify and reconstruct complete single-cell bacterial genomes, which has the potential to redefine the microbiome industry.

At BioSkryb we are entirely passionate about providing the highest resolution of genome variation at single base resolution, delineating the mutation result in cancer heterogeneity and failed therapeutic processes. Our technology enables a revolution in defining the heterogeneity in the rarest of cells within a population of healthy and pathologic cells alike. This is made possible by primary template-directed amplification (PTA), which enables – for the first time – truly comprehensive, high-fidelity whole genome amplification to support a wide variety of single-cell genomics applications. PTA is a novel whole genome amplification approach that is able to amplify the genomes of single cells in a more accurate, uniform, and reproducible manner than previous methods.

Key Aspects of the Position:

  • Work closely with the CEO and other executive management to initiate and execute product-based revenue with both distributed consumable products and service offerings.
  • Serve as a key member of the management team and participate in setting corporate strategy and commercial goals.
  • Optimize CRM strategies, and increase sales pipeline and funnel.
  • Collaborate with the VP of Marketing and other executive staff to define new opportunities and applications to drive long term revenue growth
  • Build and manage a vibrant, transparent, customer-focused sales team for both domestic and international markets.
  • Initiate commercial distribution networks and manage relationships to ensure long-term customer success.


Other Aspects:

  • Plan, develop and implement strategy to meet organizational performance plans within budget and timelines including both consumable product distribution and service-based revenue generation.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate systems for development of cross functional sales training programs and customer success.
  • Support the Business Development Team as needed for generation of work scopes, satisfy client needs, etc.
  • Integrate a solutions approach for the customer through knowledge of the company's complete application menu.
  • Ensure that new products and laboratory services are funded through executed contracts and implemented as appropriate for high quality services.
  • Review and finalize data reports for the customers working with the scientific staff for accurate reporting standards.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the laboratory and production teams to improve overall efficiencies.
  • Optimize unit cost system for all tests/products and support project cost accounting systems.
  • Develop and manage operation integration plans.
  • Deliver monthly operation reports.


Required Experience

  • Educated: MS (+10 years experience) or PhD (+5 years) in Genomics, Immunology, Biology is preferred.
  • Brave: Can assertively convey own viewpoint, even when it may be negative or unpopular. Encourages the free exchange of information and opinions from others.
  • Collaborative: Demonstrated success leading and supporting cross-functional teams. Strong teamwork orientation.
  • Communicator: Ability to clearly convey concepts and strategies in verbal/written communications; able to simplify complexity and develop succinct and focused messages.
  • Creative: Strong creative perspective to bring fresh ideas to our marketing efforts and growth strategies in a collaborative manner.
  • Experienced: Must have at least 7 years of business experience in the life sciences or medical device industry, including new product sales and strategic planning. Professional experience in the fields of oncology and neurology is highly preferred.
  • Experienced: Proven track record in market penetration with novel commercial products, including ability to partner with R&D and oversee/lead teams on new product Introduction (NPI) development.
  • Flexible: Comfortable in a less structured, incredibly fast-paced environment.
  • Innovative: Demonstrated strategic thinker, organized problem solving with strategic agility.
  • Fast Learner: Technical aptitude to rapidly learn and assess new markets.
  • Leader: Ability to coach and develop a team to build a positive customer experience, technical support, and customer education strategies.
  • Pleasant: Is caring for their teammates even when in challenging scenarios.
  • Tenacious: Can lead by example and finish even difficult projects through hard work and dedication.


BioSkryb, Inc. is committed to equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to a person's race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation or any characteristic protected under applicable law.



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